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Hey cutie! How are you? Today I want to share a review of my Sakuraco subscription box!!! Yes, Sakuraco very kindly sent me my very own box to celebrate cherry blossom season in Japan

I’m actually super happy that I received the cherry blossom themed one; it’s by far one of my favourite times of year me and my husband actually managed to go and see all of the blossoms when we went to Japan in 2017 (it feels so long ago now ).

Anyway!!! Sorry, I got distracted let’s have a look at the box!

*Please note: I received this box in return for this review*

A bit about Sakuraco just in case you haven’t heard of them before – they’re a monthly authentic Japanese snack subscription box that supports local Japanese snack makers. Right, back to the review!

Okay but isn’t the box just so pretty???? I’m definitely going to use it for storage tehe

Sakuraco subscription box

Gosh this box is FULL of snacks! And it also included a beautiful little plate

Sakuraco subscription box

I was super worried at first because of my dairy allergy but it looks like I didn’t need to worry at all – most of the snacks were dairy free!! They wrote all of the allergen details next to each snack in the booklet provided

I was so happy to see that I could eat the sakura dorayaki!!!!! It’s one of my favourite snacks

MOCHIIIIIII!!!!!!! Aaah I miss eating mochi sm. It looked so cute on the plate!

Okay let’s look at the other snacks…

I’m so so happy with my box! There were a few things that I couldn’t eat, but I didn’t really notice it that much because there were plenty of those that I could eat.

Anyway, that’s all for today! Have you ever tried Sakuraco before?

What do you think?

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  • Sparklewolfie
    March 3, 2024

    What a gorgeous box! And it contained so many more snacks than I expected 💗