My Sanrio Bag Collection ☆

Hey cutie! How are you? ♡ Today is going to be a pic-heavy post because I want to share my Sanrio bag collection with you (✯◡✯) I had done a YouTube video about it in the past but have since added to my collection and, well, it’s pretty much impossible to edit a video so I decided to instead write a blog post! Okay, here’s goes!

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Sanrio Bag Collection via hellolizziebee
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♡ Hello Kitty ♡

Sanrio Bag Collection - Grey Hello Kitty Schoolbag

Hello Kitty School Bag
This was one of the first Hello Kitty bags – if not the first – that I bought and I used it for school! It wasn’t too obviously Hello Kitty so it blended in quite well. It’s still quite study however I don’t really use this one anymore because it has very obvious school-girl-vibes, so I might sell it…

Cream and Gold Hello Kitty
Would you believe that I was actually going to sell this bag??? I’m so glad I didn’t! This bag is going to look so cute with my future hime gyaru and himekaji looks and I just love the cream and gold combination.

Hello Kitty in London
My lovely Kristin gave this to me as a surprise present which was so sweet of her to do. The colours give off such a traditional Hello Kitty vibe and it’s such a good size.

Loungefly Cup o’ Kitty Noodles Bag from VeryNeko
ad – This was a bag that VeryNeko gave me and aaaah I love her so much! I’ve been eyeing up this bag from Loungefly’s range for a very long time (ever since my friend Jade from Jadedisland featured it on her blog) but – and I’ll be honest with you – it was just a lil’ bit out of my price range. You do get what you pay for, however, as the material is really strong and I love the attention to detail. The only thing is though is that it’s a bit… Bulky, and I didn’t realise that it was supposed to be Cup Noodles and not a box of popcorn like I thought.

Sanrio Bag Collection - Leopard Print Hello Kitty Bag

Hello Kitty Leopard Print
Hello Kitty AND leopard print – how could I say no to that?! It’s a bit smaller than my other bags so I don’t really use it a lot, which is kind of a shame because it has such a pretty print. I’ll try and incorporate it into a co*de for Autumn/Winter!

Hello Kitty Black Leopard Print
This is one of the oldest Hello Kitty bags I own and that’s the only reason why I’ve kept it for so long… I just can’t let go of it even if I don’t use it anymore! It’s quite an awkward shape…

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♡ My Melody ♡

Lizmelo Tote Bag
One of the prettiest tote bags I’ve ever owned! I bought this one from Risa and what I love the most is that it’s double-sided; I can choose to either have the cute Lizmelo pattern, or just have it plain pink with the Liz Lisa logo on it. I mainly use the Lizmelo pattern though.

Sanrio Bag Collection - Kawaii My Melody Bag

My Melody Bag
I bought this one from Spreepicky and I don’t really use it anymore because the material is slowly disintegrating which makes me sad, so I just use it as decoration instead haha.

Cute and fluffy My Melody handbag

Moko Moko My Melo
This one is sooooo cute, but the small size makes it hard to use in everyday life so I usually pack one of my tote bags to carry with me at the same time. I bought this one from Dreamy Bows at MCM Expo (gosh, that takes me back!) and used it quite a lot in my agejo days.

My Melo Travel Bag
You could probably tell that I use this bag quite a lot! I take it with me whenever I go somewhere overnight or on small trips abroad. It has seen many places with me!

Large My Melo
This is the bag that I use to store some of my other bags as it’s waaaay too big to use for everyday life. And what a cute lil’ way to store them!

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♡ Kuromi ♡

Loungefly Kuromi Purse from VeryNeko
ad – I usually go for My Melody or Cinamoroll but as soon as I fell in love with this Kuromi purse as soon as I saw it! It was kindly given to me by VeryNeko so I’m very grateful to them. I love her lil’ ears and her tail at the back, and the Kuromi pattern inside.

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And that’s it for my Sanrio bag collection! I would love to start getting bags of other characters (especially Cinnamoroll) and continue building my collection.

Who’s your favourite Sanrio character? Do you have any Sanrio bags?

Speak soon ♡

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  • Lynn
    July 11, 2021

    I reaaaaallly want a my melody bag like yours but I can’t find a good one T.T

    • hellolizziebee
      July 13, 2021

      I got mine from Spreepicky! If I can find a link, I’ll send it to you <333

      • Pochaco
        October 15, 2022

        Can you send me a link? I want that bag so much! ^_^

  • Tsuki
    July 12, 2021

    Love your collection!! I thought of getting the My Melo bag secondhand but its no use if its gonna peel off T_T i want cute stuff regardless tho ahahaha ❤ Lizmelo bags are the cutest too!!! I’ve had mine since forever and its in good condition :)!

    • hellolizziebee
      July 13, 2021

      Yeah it’s the bottom that’s slowly peeling… I mean, I guess it isn’t terrible? And I’ve had it for a very long time! Hahaha yessss I love LizMelo bags <333333

  • Kieli
    July 13, 2021

    Ommmgggggg. This collection is to die for! All my bags are random brands XD I really love the fuzzy brown one! If there were more stuff I would prob have an U*SA*HA*NA collection!