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Afternoon tea, Christmas decorations and… Reindeer?! (♡°▽°♡)

Hey cutie! How are you? So this is going to be about day two of the sleepover! We had booked to go out for afternoon tea, and it was going to be Katie’s first time eating afternoon tea.

I woke up a bit earlier to start getting ready and I decided to try out ryosangata makeup! It was weird to wear pink eyeshadow (as I usually just stuck with neutral colours) but I kinda liked it. However, my eczema was incredibly sore… Yep, the red patches under my eye is eczema, not makeup 。゚(。ノωヽ。)゚。

2018 Highlights – A Catch-Up Over Afternoon Tea

I feel like it’s been ages since we had a catch up, and with the new year I think it’s time for us to sit down and have a chat over afternoon tea. I’m going to drop in some photos I took from when I went to Biscuiteers in London for afternoon tea, just to set the scene. So grab a cuppa’, a scone from Morrisons (but don’t forget the clotted cream and jam!) and let’s have a catch up.

2018 highlights - A catch-up over afternoon tea by hellolizziebee

Have Your Cake And Eat It, Too: How to Be Multi-Passionate

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There seems to be quite a trend in finding one’s “niche”; whether that be in the blogging community or outside of it, people are always telling others that they should just stick to one thing and focus on that rather than be a Jill of all trades.

This really sucks for people like me who get easily bored. Sticking to just one thing isn’t possible. For me, life is like afternoon tea; it has many tiers filled with lots of sweet surprises. Are you really going to stick to just the one level – the sandwiches on the bottom – when you have this whole platter of cakes in front of you? To stick to just one passion, because that’s what people tell you to do?

Well I say screw that, I want to have my cake and eat it, too.

It was hard, though, because (like when eating afternoon tea) I did start to get a bit nauseous and tired and had to take a break for a while. But I began to learn when that’s about to happen and finally had a firm grip on exactly how to tackle each tier of cakes/passions. I’ve spent months trying to figure out the best way to handle my multi-passionate nature and took a lot of mental notes along the way until they finally found themselves in this blog posts.

So, here goes… Here’s what I’ve learnt.

Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Wonderland Afternoon Tea at Kona

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“Cup of tea, anyone?” is perhaps one of the most stereotypically British things we say and I felt oh-so-stereotypical when I found myself on the train to London for afternoon tea with my gal pals Chewiee and Maz. It wasn’t just any afternoon tea, though, but Alice in Wonderland themed afternoon tea. How amazing is that?! This was one at Kona at the Taj hotel, and it was by far one of the best afternoon teas I’ve ever had.