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60 Gyaru Blog Post Ideas

60 Gyaru Blog Post Ideas

I miss gyaru blogging. Back when I first started in 2010 the blogging scene was booming; almost every gyaru out there had a blog, but then instagram/tumblr/twitter/fb rolled around and people found it easier to upload pictures than to write posts about them. But I still have hope that some will return, or that new ones will crop up, so I’ve written a post on 60 gyaru blog post ideas to help give you a little boost!

Maybe You’re Just Not Good Enough (But That’s Okay)

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It was the late summer of 2016 when I discovered that there was a thriving blogging community on twitter. I had been blogging for around 6 years by then but yet I felt like such a newbie when I began to have a good look at other blogs outside the ones that were already on my reading list. I mean, these were really good blogs. Their content was great, their photos were top notch, and all around they seemed like they really knew what they were talking about. Then I discovered another blog, and then another, and before I knew it I was hooked.