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Christmas nails + co*de

Hey cutie! How are you? Got my Christmas themed nails done today (´• ω •`) ♡ I love my nailist sm… She’s so kind and even asked me about my eczema (^^)♡ Turns out she had it really bad on her face in the past so I’m going to try out the cream she’s recommended!

❆ Christmas to-do list ❆

Hey cutie! How are you? ♡ Gosh, I can’t believe the first week of December has already past… Ngl, I am panicking a little bit as I had planned on doing lots of Christmas-related things this year but I just don’t know where the time has gone (・・;)ゞ So I thought it’s probably best for me to create a Christmas to-do list, to help me tick things off.

But!!! I’m not going to be too hard on myself because right now a) my self-confidence is still pretty low and b) I’m kind of… scared to go out so close to Christmas… But I’ll do my best! (*♡∀♡)

Okie, let’s go!

Christmas dinner with my friends (´ w `♡)

I can’t believe I’m writing this post at like… 5:46am lol (obvs by the time I post it’ll be later than that) but I can’t sleep so might as well make the most of it (*ノωノ)

But yesterday… My heart was full (´ ω `♡) We spent most of the day preparing for Christmas dinner with our friends and we cooked up a delicious roast! I wish I took a picture of it but by the time it was on my plate, I was gobbling it up haha.

Afternoon tea, Christmas decorations and… Reindeer?! (♡°▽°♡)

Hey cutie! How are you? So this is going to be about day two of the sleepover! We had booked to go out for afternoon tea, and it was going to be Katie’s first time eating afternoon tea.

I woke up a bit earlier to start getting ready and I decided to try out ryosangata makeup! It was weird to wear pink eyeshadow (as I usually just stuck with neutral colours) but I kinda liked it. However, my eczema was incredibly sore… Yep, the red patches under my eye is eczema, not makeup 。゚(。ノωヽ。)゚。

Secret Santa!!!

OMG GALS, I’M SO HAPPY!!!! My present from my Secret Santa arrived today, and my Santa was none other than the lovely Georgie! I was completely taken by surprise when the postman knocked on the door, but when I saw that it was for me I was like “???????” and then I opened it and saw Georgie’s lil’ note and I was so happy! 💖

Recent Co*de + Our Christmas Living Room

Good morning cutie ♡ I’m so happy that I have the time to finally write this post! A few weeks ago, right near to the middle of November, I decided to put up all of the Christmas decorations to create the cosiest living room ever. I don’t know about you but this year I’m putting my 100% into the Christmas cheer (usually I just do the tree very last minute and that’s it) because it’s the only thing I can look forward to during lockdown. I’ve actually filmed my whole process over on my YouTube channel which I’ve shared below, but I added more decorations since then, so here are some pictures of how it looks (although now my cat has proceeded to knock off a few decorations from the tree…)

Bake with Me for Christmas! Hobnobs Toffee Apple Crumble + Gingerbread Biscuits

I’ll tell you a secret… I am terrible at baking. Like, I haven’t baked anything in maybe 10 years now? The last time my hubby and I baked we used two boxes of Brownie mix and thought that because we used two, it meant we had to put it in the oven for twice as long and, well, as you can imagine, it didn’t go so well haha. But I was really determined to bake some Christmas treats and tick it off of my Christmas bucket list! So I found two super easy recipes: 1) A Toffee Apple Crumble with Hobnobs and 2) Easy Gingerbread Biscuits. I was so excited!

I won’t be writing out the recipes here because I’ll just be copying and pasting from other people’s websites, so I’ve linked to the recipes I’ve used. Okay, let’s bake!