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Sponsored Review: Kawaii Gyaru Shop

Hey everyone! How are you? I hope you all had a wonderful week. It’s been getting much warmer here now (about time) and so I’m feeling really positive despite my horrible hayfever ;_;

Today I’m super happy to bring you a review from Kawaii Gyaru Shop! I’ve been eyeing up this shop a lot lately due to my recent interest in hime kaji, and they also sell My Melody which is great. I was really happy when the owner, Stephanie, contacted me about doing a sponsored review. Even though this is a sponsored review, all opinions stated are my own!

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‘Cause I’m on top of the world, ‘ay


(wow this is a really late post… nearly 10pm! Has to be my latest one yet)

Some of you may/may not know that I have finally discovered my style… Agejo!

It’s all thanks to MA*RS really; if I hadn’t started buying MA*RS then I wouldn’t know how much I would fall in love with the brand and the style, so much that I actually want to do agejo for real. I always liked agejo but I was a bit scared of it and that it would never ever suit me. But I guess it never hurt to try it out!

I’m not going to wear MA*RS everyday because I haven’t got a lot of MA*RS items, and MA*RS is an extremely expensive brand so I’ll probably be broke for the rest of my life, aha. I’m going to dabble in other brands to help me build up my wardrobe because it’ll be boring just to stick with MA*RS (beautiful as it is) so I’m going to look for GOLDS Infinity and also at stores near me. Stockings, cute handbags, heels, accessories… Anything that doesn’t break the bank really! 

I’ll probably talk more of my goals and things in a future post or even in small posts on Tumblr… Not too sure just yet. 

Anyways, enough of that, here’s my most recent coord! I went to Cosmo with my family and decided to doll up for it :3

Dress: MA*RS, Necklace: DiDepux, Earrings: Muse,
Stockings: Primark, Heels: Dorothy Perkins

There has been a few discussions floating around about wearing no circle lens… So here I’ve not worn any lens to prove that you can still be gal without them! 😀

Please ignore how tired my eyes are! Had a really early start and long drive ;_;
Upper Lashes: Jewerich no.2
Lower Lashes: Diamond Lash Baby Eye

Ooh I’ve also downloaded an app on my phone that lets me create collages! Here’s one of my look and my full coord as well as makeup 😀

And a final picture of me and my sis 😀 <3

Oh yeah you know how I said I wouldn’t spend for around a month? Yeah, that didn’t work out so well. I went along and bought another MA*RS dress that is due to arrive soon. I can’t wait *_*

Anyways I guess that’s all I have for today! My eye has been messing up – again – but I still have a few posts lined up for you all ;D



Sponsored Review: Hime Castle

After many months of debate I have finally decided that I’m going to post once a week, every Sunday! So now y’all have a day to look forward to reading my blog ;D

Please note that although this is a sponsored post, all of my thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

Moving on, this post is sponsored by Hime Castle! They had emailed me asking if I was interested in a sponsorship, and I – of course – accepted. I had been eyeing their shop for quite a while and was really intrigued on their services and products!

I was quite surprised when I received their package, as I didn’t know what they were going to send me! Was it going to be clothing, cosmetics, a wig… I was so excited but I took care when opening it.

Packaging ★★★★★

The item came in a sort of bag which (in my personal opinion) is a lot better as they fit much better in my letterbox. There was a cute little card alongside the item as well.

I just love how elegant the type is!


I didn’t put it on until much later because I wanted to prepare my coord to make it look as pretty as possible. My initial thought to when I wore it was WHAT IS THAT COLDNESS ON MY BACK OMAGAAAAH IT’S SO COLD but then I realised it was actually the chain. Whoops. I made sure not to move that much until the chain got “warmer” and afterwards it was fine.

Design ★★★★

I love love love it! It’s so pretty and sparkly, but the only thing I would say is that the sleeves were a bit short as they past my wrists a little bit. Other than that the sizing was fine.

The chain was actually a pretty awesome addition to the design because it gave it a bit more oomph. I haven’t really seen any clothes with this sort of attachment to the back so it was pretty new to me!

Now let’s take a lookie at the detailing on the front.

I really like how sparkly it is as it really does reflect the whole disco thing. The size of the type is pretty in your face as well so that the dress doesn’t look too plain! I absolutely love it. The English is pretty good too ;D Was expecting some type errors or Engrish lol.

Overall ★★★★★

I really liked this top! Hime Castle were ever so cute on the communication part, so I would recommend them. 

One last photo of me! Sorry for the bad lighting and un-styled hair

If you would like to purchase any of their fabulous products – they do wigs, stuff from Yumentebo, MA*RS and other pretty things! – then please visit their website here

Hime Castle

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Recent buys and current inspirations

It’s been a while since I wrote a post about my inspirations, and I thought that I’d make a new one as my style has changed slightly… I used to love the “natural and sweet” appearance of Gal, but now I’m more into the rokku style! I quite like Agejo too, but with a rockier edge 😛

My main source of inspiration is the beautiful Sakurina, who has always been my inspiration <3 Her eye make is just stunning and I love what she wears! I love how she does her eyeliner as they make her eyes look huge~ 

Another is Risa, who has an amazing dress sense. It’s a shame that she doesn’t post much about her make ;_;

What I tend to find with Risa’s coords is that they are actually quite simple which is what I love because I’m hoping to create similar looks >//< It sounds silly I know, but I just love her outfits o_O Especially ones with shorts and what-not~

I also tend to find myself reading over Chie & Chika’s posts (although mostly Chie’s!) as I find that they have amazing coords too~

I just love the sweater Chie’s wearing here, as it looks really similar to the one I got from Primark! Whenever I see a gyaru model wearing similar items I get kinda excited lololol~ Feel spesh. 

So how has my style developed exactly? 

Well before I used to look at models like Yui Kanno (shown above on the left), GuGu and Tsubasa Masuwaka for inspiration because of their “simple” looks (e.g. brown eyeshadow and thin liner) but now I go for the more dramatic look. And this is mostly because of my current favourite magazine Ageha.

Ever since Ageha was mentioned to me months ago I found myself reading it more and more, and I’m inspired by their make and use it all the time! I just love how my appearance can change with slightly heavier makeup~ It’s amazing <3 So now I’d like to share a few photos of Ageha (although mostly coords) that I’m currently inspired by ^^

The scans that really catch my eye are the ones that are quite simple but with an attention to detail to it that makes the whole coord a lot more gal. It’s the way that the models wear the clothes too that I envy… Especially Sakurina <3 My current loves at the moment are distressed jeans, skull tops, cross necklaces and denim shirts~

My gets also reflect what I’m inspired by ^^

I saw the denim shirt repeated a couple of times in mags such as Jelly and Happie Nuts (both of which I read for coord inspiration) and had to buy one because I thought it would look so cute! I also really liked Chie & Chika’s coord in Ageha (as you can see above somewhere) so another reason to buy it 😛 Funnily enough most of my buys are from Primark (’cause I’m a cheap skate lolololol).

(You can see the shadow of my hand taking the pics :P)

I have a love for checkered atm! It reminded me of one of the outfits in my old Get The Look posts, and I thought it would go well with some rokku-casual outfits~ And I was inspired by one of Risa’s coords where she wore a checkered shirt and black vest over it ^^

The top/dress is from Select, and my boots from Primark! I was sick and tired of wearing my other black boots all of the time~ And my issue of Ageha! I’ve collected Ageha for a couple of months now ^^

And a cross necklace that my boyf bought for me! >///< <3 <3 It amazingly goes with any coord really, which I love *_*

My MA*RS set reflects my change… Before I would never buy these kinda’ clothing because I’d rather wear jeans, but when I laid eyes upon it a couple of weeks ago I knew I had to get it! I guess this was the starting point of me liking MA*RS~ ^^

Remember my Golds Infinity top? Well this was actually the starting point of liking Agejo and the more “mature” style of Gal~ I really like Golds Infinity, and I want to buy more in future ^^

I’ve also begun to look at more dramatic hairstyles such as bigger curls, and I purchased my first ever week a couple of weeks ago ^^ I would never have considered getting a wig before because I was too possessive over my own hair colour, but now I’m considering buying more! :3

So yeah. Quite a few changes in my style actually the year; I changed my makeup style from simple to dramatic, my coords from girly to rock, and my hair… Well, its still kind of the same but less girly and childish 😛 

I guess that’s all for now! ^^ But before I go I’d like to add a special mention to Amelie for her undying support and friendship! <3 Thank you so so much <3

My Xmas day

Technically I’m still on my Xmas holiday as the New Year hasn’t really started, but this post will cover what I’ve been doing over Xmas! ^^

Luckily I was able to get time off work so that I could spend Xmas with my boyf and the family <3 I would rather be working on New Years than Xmas, ’cause… Well, I just would 😛 I was so worried about whether or not my boyf would like his presents, but I’m so glad that he did! >//< I can’t believe this is our 2nd Xmas together <3
Speaking of presents, I received lots of lovely ones! I got some new clothes (and a Golds Infinity top from bby *_*), laptop case, books, lush products… They were all so lovely! I’m so grateful ^3^ Especially because I’ve moved away an’ all, so I really didn’t expect anything >//<

I would post piccies of my Xmas here with my family, but Idk if they’ll like being posted on here or not D: So I don’t have any where I’m by the Xmas tree them… Sorry! ;_;

I do, however, have piccies of my make and of me wearing my new top ! >3<

Sorry for the really dark photo ;_; 

But this was my make of the day! ^^

So how was your Xmas? Did you receive lots of wonderful pressies? ^^

P.S I’ve completely changed my layout! Tehehe~ I feel so much better with this one ^3^