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Trying out a different no-heat curls technique ♡ sock curls!

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Hey cutie! How are you? ♡ So tonight I wanted to try out a new heatless curls technique because I’m really hoping to put some makeup on tomorrow for the himekaji girls challenge! I usually just do lots of small buns (which you can watch in my YouTube tutorial) but I really wanted to try the sock curls method as it looks so much easier to sleep in!

Sheet Masks + A New Self Care Routine!

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Hey cutie! How are you? A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I haven’t been doing very well because I find myself constantly exhausted. This made me feel really down because I didn’t have the energy to do the things that I enjoy on the weekends (making YouTube videos, dressing up, etc etc). Lately, however, I’ve been trying to pick myself up again by remembering to take breaks at work, and wearing sheet masks in the evenings/weekends again! The sheet masks I want to talk about in this post were kindly given to me by MaskTime – who I absolutely ADORE – and I’ll also write some quick bullet points about each mask with pros and cons!