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How to Style Jeans/Denim Bottoms for Gyaru

One of the best things about gyaru? Well, unlike some jfashion styles (I’m talking about you in particular, Lolita) you can wear jeans! This was a godsend to me when I first started my gyaru journey because I was forever living in jeans, and it made the everyday gyaru life seem more achievable.

So today I’m going to share how to style jeans (aka denim bottoms) for gyaru! To make things easier, I have split this blog post into different sub-styles so if you’re into himekaji and the cuter styles of gyaru, you can skip straight onto that section, and if you’re into onee gyaru, then you can skip ahead to that, too. Let’s get straight to it!

Please note: Some substyles may be missing because it was hard to find examples for that particular one. I also grabbed most of these pictures from various corners of the internet so I might not have the sources to all of them!