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4 Super Easy No-Heat Hair Tutorials (That Anyone Can Do!)

Many years ago I used to curl my hair with curling tongs, only for them to drop a couple of hours later. It took longer for me to curl them than for them to actually stay, so I have long since given up on doing them. I much prefer doing no-heat wavy hair tutorials over drooping curls any day! Not only does it mean that I won’t damage my hair, but it saves me time for having to style it before a gal meet. It’s a win/win situation and since you’ve asked me how I did it in this post, I decided to not only create a hair tutorial on how I get my wavy hair, but to also create some other no-heat hair tutorials that I do when I’m on the go!

4 easy no heat hair tutorials (that anyone can do) by hellolizziebee

Gyaru: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When I first started gyaru I had so many questions… So much so that I worried that I was the most annoying person ever! But the gaijin gyaru (non-Japanese gyaru) community is always more than happy to help, and over time I slowly compiled all of the frequently asked questions when it comes to gyaru. I finally gathered enough to put together this post so voila – here’s the Gyaru Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comment box below.

updated: 16.04.2021

Gyaru for Beginners: How to Get Started

I can’t really remember how I started gyaru, but I made so many mistakes at the beginning! This helped me to grow my gyaru style and even though I think “wow I was such a mess”, I actually treasure those moments because of the amount of love and support I received. If it wasn’t for those who helped guide me on my gyaru journey, I wouldn’t even be here. So now it’s my turn to be here for you! Here’s a lil’ step-by-step guide on how to get started in gyaru fashion.

Gyaru for beginners: How to get started by hellolizziebee

How to Do Gyaru Makeup for Westerners

There are endless archives of gyaru makeup tutorials out there; whether it be through old magazine scans, on Pinterest, or on YouTube, but it can be disheartening to read/watch when you have Western features. You might feel like it is impossible to do gyaru when you’re not Asian but I’m here to hold your hand and to tell you, gently, that you’re wrong. It is possible for us to do gyaru makeup, and I’ve gathered some Western gyaru makeup tutorials that my fellow gaijin gyaru (non-Japanese gyaru) have done, and left their links in case you want to check out their blogs/YouTube channels… So, enjoy!

Gyaru makeup for Western features

How to Wear Gyaru in Public

I love the look of it but I wish I was more confident to gyaru wear it in public…” is one of the most-used phrases I hear from people who have held back from wearing gyaru. It can be daunting because gyaru, like other Japanese fashion styles, isn’t exactly “normal”. Sure, we can get away with jeans and t-shirts but there’s something about us that sets us apart from Western fashion. Maybe it’s the over-the-top makeup, the curly hair, or the flashy nails… Whatever it is, it makes people look back and wonder “what the hell are they doing?”

I’ve had to deal with more and more ignorant people the more dramatic my style became. It allowed me to grow thicker skin and boy I’m so glad it did because I was a right nervous wreck when I first started! Even now it’s still quite nerve-wracking to be decked out in MA*RS, but my style has toned down because of my laziness so it’s not quite so bad anymore. Here are some tips I’ve learnt over the years on wearing gyaru it in public!

Tips on how to wear gyaru in public