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Christmas Gift Guide for Gyaru – for both Darker and Sweeter Styles!

IT’S (nearly) CHRISTMAAAAAAS! I never used to be a huge fan of the festive season as I always deemed it overrated (and over-hyped) but you know what? Now I’m all for it. The lights, the cheesy films, the comfy pjs… And not to mention the endless amount of food, of course! I asked over on my instagram what kind of holiday content you wanted me to write and one of them was a gift guide, so I’ve created a Christmas gift guide for both the darker and the sweeter styles of gyaru.

Galentine’s Day Gift Guide for Gyaru

Galentine’s Day (the day before Valentine’s Day where you celebrate with your best gal friends) is fast approaching, and there’s nothing better than getting a lil’ something to remind them how important they are to you! To make it even more special, why not purchase a Galentine’s gift from a small business? Not only will you be giving something more personal, but you’re also supporting an individual (and, speaking from experience, it really does make their day). These ideas would be perfect for your gyaru friend or just those interested in the wonderful world of Japanese fashion.

Galentine's Gift Guide for Gyaru by hellolizziebee