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♡ GO!GO!→Goals for 2022! ♡

♡ GO!GO!→Goals for 2022! ♡

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Hey cutie, how are you? ♡ Today I haven’t really been doing anything apart from quickly going to Primark to pick up some essentials and read webtoons ww but then I started thinking about my goals! I wasn’t sure at first what goals to have and wasn’t going to do them but I like having something to aim towards. So here goes! ♡

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Stop taking things personally
Unfortunately this is something that I do a lot of at work because I’m quite sensitive to other people’s emotions and sometimes worry if I had done something wrong when in fact it’s just that they had a bad day or whatever. So yeah, I need to stop taking things so personally!

GO!GO!→Goals for 2021!
Goals I'm Going to Smash in 2020

Goals I'm Going to Smash in 2020

2020 – bring it on. 2019 was rough but it made me a (hopefully) tougher person, and I’m ready to smash my goals and be more aligned with my dream self. I know it’s a cliche to say “new year, new me” but it’s a cliche for a damn good reason – because there’s nothing fresher than a fresh new year. And yes, I might be a *little* late in posting these seeing as we’re always halfway through January, but it’s still January so that counts, right? Anyway, here are my goals for 2020!

Gyaru street fashion by Lizzie Bee
Things I Can’t Wait to Tick Off My 2019 Check List

Things I Can’t Wait to Tick Off My 2019 Check List

My 2018, although amazing, had been a bit all over the place as I didn’t have any idea what I wanted or what I was doing. It wasn’t until I wrote about my dream life that I was able to reset my focus, so I want everything about this year to head towards it. Instead of writing resolutions (as I never seem to be able to actually do them) I’ve created a little 2019 check list like I did a couple of years ago… And this is a list that I can’t wait to tick off!

My 2019 check list by hellolizziebee, a gaijin gyaru from the UK

Mission I’m-Possible: Creating the Life I Love

Mission I’m-Possible: Creating the Life I Love

Mission I'm-Possible: Creating the Life I Love

I’ve never been one of those people who have had yearly goals, let alone 5 year plans, and so I’ve been going about my days without really knowing what I wanted in life. Sure, I listened to an endless amount of podcasts on growing my blog & Etsy store – helloooo Jenna Kutcher – but real, solid goals? Nah.

I didn’t think anything of it until I started feeling more unsatisfied with my current state. I had switched from my usual, happy-go-lucky self to a grumpy grandma who missed “the good old days”. I wasn’t shifting anything, nor progressing, and to put it simply, I felt like I wasn’t living the life I loved.

Did I really want to continue living like this? Being grumpy all of the time? Never being happy with where I am?

Hell no.

My Resolutions for 2016

2016 goals

Gosh I can’t believe it’s 2016… This time last year I was rushing around like a headless chicken and didn’t have a clue what I was doing. This year I’m still a bit of a headless chicken, but a pretty chilled one. I’m basically in denial that my mind is a bit all over the place, haha.

So what are my resolutions this year? This question has been sitting in my mind since Christmas and even now I’m not too sure. The truth is that I’m incredibly indecisive and would rather just go with the flow without having any goals in mind.

Setting resolutions and sticking to them is, thus, out of my comfort zone, but I’m willing to break that uncomfortable feeling and go ahead and achieve them. I do have a whole year to do them, after all… Here goes!

2015 So Far

2015 So Far

I can’t believe that it’s already halfway through the year… When I thought about this the other day I started to panic because I felt like I haven’t achieved anything at all. But then I realised that I made some big steps, and I wanted to write a blog post to remind myself that I’m doing okay and that I have achieved quite a lot of things so far.

So what have I done so far this year?

Highlights of 2014 – Onto 2015!

Hey guys! How was your Christmas? Did you eat lots of yummy food?
Mine was okay – I don’t know why but it didn’t really feel like Christmas this year. I guess that because I’ve been working in retail so much that I started getting bored of listening to non-stop Christmas songs… But I didn’t want my mood to affect anyone else, so I had as much fun as I possibly could!

My main focus is on the new year now that Christmas has past and I’m feeling really excited! I can’t wait for the fresh start and for new beginnings! Over the past week I have been reflecting on what I’ve done this year, and overall it has been a very good year for me. I’ve started feeling more comfortable with where I am with gyaru and I really hope that I could continue improving (especially in my hair skills which are near non-existent OTL).

So what are the highlights of 2014?
I improved in Agejo
Well, in the outfit side of things anyway. Over the past year I started thinking not just about the clothes but about the accessories as a whole; the jewellery, the nails… I made sure I had a bag and coat that matched everything that I wore, and I also bought my first pair of MA*RS socks! (My phone case also got cuter tehehehe~) I really want to improve even more and maybe ween off MA*RS and try out local brands!

January – London Gal Meet
March – Rosey Rabbit
mysticthorn dark agejo
October – Night Out
agejo gyaru mysticthorn
October – MCM Expo
agejo gyaru coord
November – Hyper Japan

I attended more gyaru meets
This year gyaru meets became less focused on gyaru and more focused on just having fun with my friends! The UK gyaru community is just so lovely and I really like hanging out with everyone. The first thing I actually did this year was attend a gyaru meet and I made some really close friends! It’s such a lovely feeling being surrounded by people with the same interests.

JEWEL’s first gal meet!

I was part of the fashion show at Hyper Japan
Leading on from the ‘gyaru meets’ highlights, I took part in the fashion show at Hyper Japan’s Christmas Event! I had so much fun, and I was able to meet people who were interested in other Japanese fashions which was cool. I, of course, represented Agejo!

Hyper Japan Fashion Show

I graduated from uni
Yes, I have finally finished all of those years in education and oh my gosh I have never felt so free yet so lost at the same time. I haven’t been able to get back into design like I used to but I’m going to try much harder to do so in the next year!

I’ve started to give no f*cks

My stress levels seem to have escalated since I went to uni, but now it’s gone from giving too many f*cks to giving non at all. Guess there’s no in-between, is there?
It’s really good for me though because I’m started to think more about my health, as stressing and worrying about everything was really damaging my body and self confidence. There are still some periods of time where I really, really stress out, but they’re slowly reducing!

I fell in love with anime, again
Because of the above, I accepted my secret love for Anime and it all started with Sailor Moon! I can’t believe that I didn’t watch it when I was younger… But I enjoyed it as an adult tehe. It’s just so cute and makes me feel really happy! I love Sailor Moon Crystal, but I can’t decide whether I prefer it to the older series…

Goals for 2015
 My main goal for this year is to keep on being true to myself and have fun! Work hard, play harder tehehehe. Here are a few other goals that I have in mind:

Keep on improving in agejo and branch out to hime
Spend more time designing
Save more and become a budget gal
Do para para every night – it counts as exercise, right?

There are some more goals that I want to achieve like picking up my French and Chinese again but… I need to keep them at a minimum so that I could actually achieve them ^^”

That’s all for today cuties! I really hope that you had a wonderful 2014, but now let’s look forward to 2015! ♡

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See Ya’ Later, Alligator

See Ya’ Later, Alligator

Hey guys! How is your year so far? Are you having a good year so far? (Or is it too early to say that?)

I did, my year has definitely had a great start… And do you want to know why? It’s because SHERLOCK’S BACK IN TOWN, AWH YIH.

As you may already know, I’m a big fan of Sherlock. As soon as I saw Benedict Cumberbatch’s face on the scream I emitted a little fan-girl scream (surprising my housemate) and continued to do so for about ten minutes or so. I was just so happy to see it back on the screen after goodness knows how long.

But I’m going to stop there because I want this blog to be spoiler-free, but those who have watched it… It was amazing, wasn’t it?!

My New Years Eve didn’t, however, feel much like New Years Eve and it’s probably because it as the first time I didn’t see my family nor boyfriend at all. Living away from home does make things difficult, but it only makes me look forward to going home even more! Can’t wait until all of my uni assignments are done. Luckily I was invited to go out to the pub with my housemate and I went out in ane gal, which isn’t what I usually do, so my makeup was very agejo inspired. I was originally going to do cornrows on one side but my hair just ended up being so curly that it looked a bit weird.

I wore my favourite jeans going out, and this yumetenbo belt that I haven’t worn in what feels like ages. I really should do oraora/ane gal a lot more.

Hoodie: MA*RS | Vest: Primark | Belt: Yumetenbo | Jeans: Quiz | Boots: Dorothy Perkins

So, yes, 2013: the year of many ups and downs and also of being relatively naughty and spending lots of money on MA*RS. That’s all going to change this year! I’ve promised myself to be a Budget Gal and not spend on over £50 a month (including going out to London), and I’ll be referring back to my points system. I guess that’s resolution number one right there! I wasn’t going to do New Years Resolutions this year but it feels kind of weird not doing them so here’s my list!:

1. Improve on my blogging
2. Work harder on my design work
3. Keep to my gal budget
4. Try out more hairstyles

I’m keeping it really simple this year because otherwise I’d never stick to them. I think I might go into more detail of my goals and inspirations in my next post. What’re your New Years Resolutions? Got many this year?

So that’s all for now! See ya’ later, alligator.

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p.s I’m going to be trying new things with each blog post, so please excuse all of the changes being made!

Just duck and carry on


The past year has taught me that no matter what sh*t life throws at you, just duck and then carry on.

I’ve been through a pretty rough time and I’m still recovering, but everyday I feel a little bit better. I’ve learnt that I’ve got to live each day to the max – with the occasional lazy day – and spend as much time as I can with the ones I love. Who knows what might happen tomorrow.

I guess that’s why I’ve been working my ass off this past year to get those grades that I want, because I really want to be successful career-wise. Whenever I wasn’t doing any uni work I was chatting to my friends online or visiting my family and spending time with my boyfriend, and recently I have been able to meet my friends like Charli (the loveliest girly in the world <3) more often so life is definitely getting better! Hopefully I can meet up more people over the summer now that uni is nearly over.

So what is the meaning of this post? I don’t know, I just wanted to ramble like a wise woman ahahaha. But I guess this is a message to all of my readers that never walk away from the people you love, and if you have a goal then work your ass off and get there! And if you’re going through a rough time; life will get better

That aside, here are some pictures of my recent look. I haven’t dolled up recently because I still have problems with my eye – I really need to get it checked out – so it was a nice breather! 



I realised that after I had done my makeup I was running out of time because I wanted to watch Criminal Minds *cough* so had to stick with straight hair!

Upper lashes; Jewerich no.2  Lower lashes: KKCenterhk
Top: Boohoo.com ; Jeans: New Look (ripped up by me)
Boots: New Look ; Necklace: eBay

I’ve also set myself a goal which is to no longer buy brand clothing (I wonder how long this will last). I realised that I should be saving money instead of splurging because I’ve been driving a lot more, and petrol costs a bomb. I do still want to treat myself every once in a while so I might stick with building up on my accessories collection as I seem to always wear the same things.

So as a treat for completing my uni work a week before the deadline, I bought some Ben & Jerrys!

To end this post; so what are my goals in life? I have already mentioned how I want to be a successful designer, but I think I would also love to grow as a gaijin gyaru and perhaps meet more people in the community as there are so many nice people out there! I also want to start immersing myself into the design community, get more feedback, make some friends, and just keep growing! I’m going to start building up my portfolio over the summer whenever I get the chance to as I think I’ve found something I really like to do.

Anyway, adios amigos, until next time! Now allow me to go and gorge myself on some delicious ice cream.