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Snowy Days, Recent Co*de + A New Project?!

Hey cutie! How are you? Weekends have been pretty crazy lately (despite lockdown) as we’re still trying to work on our kitchen. We were supposed to get more stuff done to it the other weekend but then it started snowing really heavily so we weren’t able to go out to get everything we needed. But this worked out quite well as it meant I could have some fun out in the snow (and allowed me to also wear a super cute outfit tehehe).

We never really get snow like this in our part of the UK and oh my gosh, the snow was so THICK! I absolutely loved the soft crunching noise it made when we walked on the snow. Our cat, on the other hand, wasn’t too much of a fan. I wore my favourite Tralala hoodie and leg warmers!

How to Style Denim Shorts for Gyaru (in 7 Ways!)

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Yaaaay I’m back with another “One Item Five Ways” post (although this has slowly progressed into a “how to style soandso” kind of posts)… I’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time but haven’t had the chance with us doing up the living room and the whole lockdown scenario! But today I wanted to share how to style a pair of denim shorts – regardless of your style! Let’s jump straight into it.

Offbrand Gyaru Tips + Fave Non-Gal Brands

I am a huge advocate for wearing offbrand items, especially over the past couple of years when my favourite gyaru brands like DaTuRa closed down or completely changed their look (MA*RS, I’m looking at you…). Here are some of my favourite non-gyaru brands that can totally pass as gyaru, as well as some tips and tricks I use whenever I go (online) shopping!

EGG Oct 99

Do Substyles Help or Hinder Us?

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See the pictures below? I didn’t know it was gyaru, which sounds so incredibly silly, doesn’t it? I’ve been gyaru for nearly 10 years – how can I not know if it was gyaru or not? It all boils down to one reason: I just don’t know what substyle it fits into.

Today I tried… Kogal!

Hey cutie! Today I tried out Kogal – high-school Gyaru – for my TikTok video collaboration with my friend Kelsey. I had so much fun wearing it and it reminded me of when I first tried it all of those many years ago at MCM Comic Con. Luckily this set up still fits me but I sadly couldn’t find the sweater to go with it… Which makes me want to try it again and update this blog post!