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W♡C x Popteen Kei Co*De ☆

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Hey cutie! How are you? ♡ I’m slowly trying to catch up on these blog posts I need to write and today I’m going to share my WC co*de! I wore this co*de like… Maybe, three weeks ago? Oops! ( 〃▽〃) I really really like Kumatan lately… It’s like my bby Reina said: he’s so ugly that you just can’t help but love him haha. It also reminds me of the outfits that Chie wears (one of my biggest inspos) and I feel like I’ve been moving away from the super cute himekaji style and more into Popteen kei which I talked about over here.

Mag Scans! Popteen Nov 2008

Okay so this is going to be a major pic-heavy post because AAAAH I RECEIVED MY POPTEEN MAGAZINE! This one features the amazing Tsubasa Masuwaka on the front, and it’s the November 2008 issue! I absolutely love this era of gyaru (because even though Popteen isn’t specifically a gyaru magazine, they did have a fair amount of issues featuring gyaru style). There’s lots of himekaji inspo as well, so I’ve scanned in my favourite pages for you!

Lockdown Looks

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Kind of weird but… I have been dressing up a lot more since lockdown happened. I guess it’s mainly because I’m just sitting around in the house with nothing better to do, and that the weather can’t really dictate what to wear because, erm, I’m not going outside. So I could pretty much wear whatever I wanted without limitations! Here are some of my favourite lockdown looks.