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How to Do Gyaru Makeup for Westerners

There are endless archives of gyaru makeup tutorials out there; whether it be through old magazine scans, on Pinterest, or on YouTube, but it can be disheartening to read/watch when you have Western features. You might feel like it is impossible to do gyaru when you’re not Asian but I’m here to hold your hand and to tell you, gently, that you’re wrong. It is possible for us to do gyaru makeup, and I’ve gathered some Western gyaru makeup tutorials that my fellow gaijin gyaru (non-Japanese gyaru) have done, and left their links in case you want to check out their blogs/YouTube channels… So, enjoy!

Gyaru makeup for Western features

How to Build Your Gyaru Wardrobe

Buy some clothes and wear it. Just kidding – there’s a bit more to creating the perfect gyaru wardrobe than that. Whenever someone new to the style asks me for advice on how to build up a gyaru wardrobe I always say to start working with what they already have, take inspiration from gyaru magazines like EGG where they wear “normal” clothes but use their makeup & hair to look gyaru. It’s the easiest and cheapest route route to starting gyaru. However below is a more detailed approach on how to achieve your dream gyaru wardrobe in a few simple steps:

how to build your gyaru wardrobe