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Offbrand Gyaru Challenge ★ Recent Co*Des

Hey cutie! How are you? ♡ Today I wanted to introduce you to the “Offbrand Challenge!” This is tied together with my latest YouTube video, where basically you put together some gyaru outfits but with completely offbrand items. This is something I used to do a lot when I first started gyaru, especially because back then I didn’t really have any brand items. So here are a few outfits that I’ve worn that are completely offbrand!

Gyaru with Dark Hair? Inspiration Post!

Hey cutie ♡ How are you? Sorry I’ve been so inactive on here over the past week or so – it’s been unbearably hot in the UK, so I’ve been finding it really difficult to string two words together… But, anyway, today I wanted to share with you some dark-haired gyaru inspiration! I myself have dark hair, and for the first year or so I was getting really down about it because I deemed myself “less gal” (which, as we know, is a really stupid thought). So this post is dedicated to those who want to rock dark hair in gyaru!

My himekaji journey ♡ Casual princess style!

Hey cutie ♡ 你好小可爱! How are you? I was flicking through my old blog posts where I was suddenly inspired to write about my himekaji journey! My love for gyaru began when I found out about hime gyaru which eventually led to himekaji, and since then I’ve been dipping in and out of this super cute style. Nowadays, himekaji is my main style, so I thought it’ll be nice to share my development. Okay, let’s go!

♡ 2011 ♡

Let’s jump back to 2011 when I was first getting into gyaru! Himekaji and Popteen-kei were the first styles I tried out, and to be honest… I think I was okay??? I mean my makeup wasn’t great but I think it was a good start in general.

My Current Himekaji Gyaru Inspirations!

Hey cutie! Today I want to talk to you about my current gyaru inspirations. Most of these influenced my mokomoko/old-school himekaji phase and I think I have saved every photo I can on my pinterest for inspiration haha. Anyway, let’s go!

Please note: that I’m mainly inspired by the 2009-2011 era! So when I refer to these people as inspirations, it’s of their old styles. 

Is Himekaji Even Gyaru Anymore?

Hey cutie! How are you? Sooo I’ve been really back and forth with this blog post because I’ve found it really hard to illustrate my thoughts about how I feel about himekaji. Do you remember the post I wrote a couple of years ago about himekaji vs the Liz Lisa girl? Well, I want to address that again because since then I have discovered and accepted a few things.