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Such beautiful weather! ^^~

Hey guys!

Zomg the weather is just getting more and more beautiful every day *__* It’s a shame that as soon as the weather is nice that I’m banned from going out until my theory test is over ;______;

C’était très beau pendant les jours derniers ; il y avait plein du soleil, un peu du vent… Mais chaud au même temps ^^ C’est stupide parce que je ne peux pas sortir a cause de mes examens… ;___ ;

The shoes and socks that I ordered a couple of days ago arrived yesterday, and I was so excited in getting them that I wore virtually no makeup at all 😛 Tehehehe. You see, yesterday I was having a lazy day… But today I decided to doll up for it! ^^

Les chausseurs et chaussettes que j’ai acheté sont arrivés hier, et je suis très heureuse et n’ai porte pas du maquillage 😛 Tehehe.  C’est parce que je suis paresseuse hier et je n’ai pas voulu porter du maquillage, mais aujourd’hui c’est diffèrent! ^^

Happy Mothers Day mum! n_n~

(P.s. Today I’ve decided that I will write my blog posts in French to improve ’cause I am nearing my exams and I’m crap at translating >_<” I won’t be using a translator so please forgive me for my mistakes! ^^

Aujourd’hui j’ai decidé que j’écrirai en francais pour m’améliorer sans l’utilisation d’un tranducteur, alors je suis désolé s’il y a beaucoup de problèmes à cause des accents, mon français etc. )

It’s Mothers Day today! So what have yoou guys done/bought for your mum? Anything nice? ^^ I bought her a card and a Peppa Pig toy (’cause she luuurves Piglet so me and my sis decided to get her something different) and made her a naaice cup of tea in the morning. I also taught her how to use fb lawls! 😛 Although then she had to go to work which kinda sucks ;_______;

C’est la fête de mères aujourd’hui! Quelles choses as-tu acheté pour ta mère ? Les choses belles ? ^^ J’ai acheté une carte et un jeu ‘Peppa Pig’ pour ma mère (car elle adore Piglet alors moi et ma sœur ont décidé acheter quelque chose diffèrent) et j’ai lui fais un thé ce matin. J’ai lui apprend le moyen d’utiliser fb aussi ! 😛 Mais puis elle doit aller au travail ;______ ;  

During the morning of Mother’s day I decided to doll up for the weekly Gyaru theme, using for the first time my new bottom lashes! n_n
This was the theme picture me and Katie are doing for this week’s theme~

Pendant ce matin j’ai décidé à faire mon maquillage de Gyaru pour le thème avec Katie, en utilisant mes nouveaux faux cils ! n_n
Et voila la photo que moi et Katie faisons pour cette semaine~

I really loved the models hair, and wanted to try it out tehe~ 

J’adore les cheveux de ce mannequin, et j’ai voulu essayer ce style

And this is me n_n
Et moi! n_n

Warning: Camewhore overload lawls! 😛
Attention: Beaucoup des images! 😛


And my outfit! Amelie has set me this task to come up with coords inspired by other Gyarus, and today I came up with this one inspired by a picture on tumblr ^^

Et voila mes habits! Amélie m’a voulu faire un tenue qui est inspirer de Gyaru, et aujourd’hui j’ai trouve ces habits qui étaient inspire par un photo sur tumblr  ^^


Outfit rundown:

Sweater: West One

Top/vest: Next

Shorts: Miss Selfridge

Leggings: Tammy

Shoes: I can’t remember D: Think it was Brantano? >_>

That’s all for today folks~

Lizzie <333

Inspirational Gyaru – Tsubasa Masuwaka!

Weekly Gyaru themes – week two!


Hey guys! ^^

Today I decided to upload a picture of what I did for week two of this Gyaru theme that I do with Katie, and looking back I noticed that I could’ve done waaay better or taken better pictures >_<”
This week’s one was:

And this is what I did ^^ I forgot to take a piccie of my outfit though ;________;

(I look horrible o_e)

I couldn’t take a decent picture of me wearing my new Sleek contouring kit, but I do think that it’s very good! ^^ the higlighter is slightly glittery which picks up the light reall well 🙂

I’m getting slightly fed up of curling my hair all of the time… Anyone got any hair ideas that doesn’t concern curling one’s hair? ^^

That’s all for today <3

Lizzie <333



Hey guys!

I haven’t been shopping in absolutely AGES but on Sunday I decided to treat myself tehe~ I’ve also bought a few things online including my BeautyUK blusher! 😀

This was what the packaging looked like~ It was an A4 envelope, and the blusher was covered in bubblewrap! Was so awesome, and nicely wrapped I must say ^^ I also got a voucher for 10% discount from my next buy 😀

Lookin’ good, ne~? I’ve been wearing it in my last two posts 😀

 The other things I bought on Sunday! 😀

(This dress was a killer o_e £35?! Is worth it though)

Zomg I almost missed this but luckily I spotted it as I was walking out of the shop! It was the last one too tehehehe~ 

That’s all for now ^^

Lizzie <333

Gyaru theme with Katie~ Week one!

I mentioned a couple of blogs ago that I’ll be doing a weekly theme with Katie-san, and yesterday I dolled myself up for it 😀 The tutorial that me and Katie decided to use for the first week was this one:

Although instead of using green I used blue

Sooo… *drumroll* Here is my make! 😀

What I used:

Gold & light blue & dark blue eyeshadow

Liquid eye liner

Pencil eyeliner for the waterline

Brown eyeshadow to fill my brows

Pink lippy

False lashes

FCUK bronzer for contouring

Bourjois for highlighting

Compact powder


And here’s my outfit! I’ve blurred out my surroundings ’cause I don’t really want people to see what I’ve got in my room lawls

I really can’t wait to do more of these posts! Because then hopefully I would be able to improve as a Gyaru and learn different make up techniques 😀 I’m also doing this task that Amelie has set me where I take pictures of my clothes and create a coord with them, inspired by the Gyaru fashion ^^ 

Gyaru Rokku~ Take two!

Because my last Gyaru rokku outfit & make didn’t go as well as I had planned I decided to have a go at it again. I made a collage of what I was going to wear beforehand, and when I manage to take a photo of each item of clothing I’ll upload it onto here ^_^ Or I might just create a new blog of a collection of collages >_>

Outfit rundown:

Top – New Look

Necklace – Primark (or was it Claires? Can’t remember >_<“)

Sweater – West One

Skirt – Top Shop

OTK socks – Peacocks

Boots – New Look

Oh and you might wonder why I’m always in my sister’s room? It’s because she’s so lazy that she doesn’t want to take a picture of my outfit anywhere else 😛

As you know, I wasn’t happy with my eye makeup that much, so I decided to go for another style of it. My black eyeshadow didn’t work very well at all in my last one, so I used a different colour from this duo palette that I got for Xmas aaages ago, but never really wore it 😛
I also looked at Amelie’s tutorial on how to contour, and instead of using the usual matte thing I used my sister’s FCUK bronzer that was in a dark brown and.. It worked o_O It actually worked. Yay! 😀 My blusher STILL doesn’t show up that much though >_<” And because of my points I could actually get it. Soon. When I get money that is. So many not so soon.
Tada! 😀 I am showing two pictures so that you could bask in the light of my, eurgh, highlights and contouring? :3

Soo… What do yoou think? ^_^

First post~

First post~

Hey cuties!

Okies so like all those other blogs I thought that I’d introduce myself in my first post along with pictures and shizzle ^_^

My name’s Lizzie & I’m currently studying Maths, French and Product Design in Sixth Form. I’m in my last year of it and I’m hoping to try much harder this year than I did last year in getting the grades as I just can’t wait to get out of here and go to Uni! ^_^

I have the most beautiful person in the world as my boyf <3 I wouldn’t know what I’d do without him as he plays a big role in my life right now.

I’d like to call myself an artist but I procrasinate a hell of a lot and haven’t done a drawing in weeks (but I did a quick painting of flowers a couple of days ago). I really wish that I was like one of those people who could just pick up a pencil and draw… *sighs*

I am a Gyaru and loving it! Seriously, Gyaru fashion is the best fashion that’s ever existed, and I’m just so addicted to it right now o_O I don’t really have a favourite category but it’s definitely leaning on the cute look that Popteen models often have ^_^

I love cute and pretty things and dolling myself up so that I feel pretty ^_^ Also, I absolutely adore Hello Kitty! I have tons of HK items at home that I can’t find anything new to buy anymore 😛

That’s all for now! See you soon ^_^