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Super Easy Overnight Curls Hair Tutorial!

Hey cutie! Sorry I haven’t been so active on here lately… But I’ve been focusing on my YouTube channel for the past few weeks. I’m just so excited about creating video content! Next month I’ll be creating a lot more Christmas-themed content and I really can’t wait to show you. But today I want to share with you a super easy overnight curls hair tutorial! I’ve been doing this method every weekend for the past month or so now, and I’m just so happy that I’m able to achieve the big bouncy curls that my main inspiration, Chie, always has!

4 Super Easy No-Heat Hair Tutorials (That Anyone Can Do!)

Many years ago I used to curl my hair with curling tongs, only for them to drop a couple of hours later. It took longer for me to curl them than for them to actually stay, so I have long since given up on doing them. I much prefer doing no-heat wavy hair tutorials over drooping curls any day! Not only does it mean that I won’t damage my hair, but it saves me time for having to style it before a gal meet. It’s a win/win situation and since you’ve asked me how I did it in this post, I decided to not only create a hair tutorial on how I get my wavy hair, but to also create some other no-heat hair tutorials that I do when I’m on the go!

4 easy no heat hair tutorials (that anyone can do) by hellolizziebee