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Witch Way to the Pumpkins? Trip to Pumpkins R Us!

YAY, HALLOWEEN! ’tis the season to be spooky and I was so happy to wear my Halloween witch costume (that I bought way back in August) to my trip to Pumpkins R Us. I bounded down the aisles between the heaps of pumpkins of various shapes and sizes, getting the occasional piece of hay stuck to my thigh-high boots, merrily humming the tune “this is Halloween” from the Nightmare Before Christmas. I invited a couple of my close friends with me as they had never been to a pumpkin patch before, and the place was crowded after half an hour of us getting there. The Halloween spirit has really settled in over here in the UK (which was a pleasant surprise)!

Pumpkin witch costume, Pumpkins R Us

Gyaru Halloween (Gal-oween) Inspirations!

Halloween is by far my favourite season! I usually celebrate by hanging all of my Halloween decorations at the end of September so that when I wake up on October 1st, the whole place is perfectly spooky. I also use this time to scroll the web and save as many Galloween (aka Gyaru Halloween) inspirations as I can, and so today I thought I’d share them all with you! I’ve split all of my images into different sections depending on what kind of look you’re going for – whether that’s sexy, cute, or simply scary! Soo… Enjoy!

BTW I found all of these images on Tumblr and tokyofashion, so if you know any of the image sources, please let me know!

Updated 16th Sept 2021