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IsoBee date ☆★ pumpkin patch!

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Hey cutie, how are you? ♡ Sorry this post is a little bit late… Went through a major bloggers block/brain fog and found it really hard to string two words together, but now I’m finally inspired to write!

Today I want to share my date to the pumpkin patch (well, 2 pumpkin patches!) with my bby Isobel. I missed her so much o(〒﹏〒)o I had planned two outfits (which I wrote about a while back) but ended up dressing up for the first place because I’m lazy and the weather was bad (# ̄ω ̄)

Halloween Living Room Decor ☆☆

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Hey cutie, and happy Halloween-month!!! ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ I’ve been meaning to write this post a very long time ago (like… almost 1 month ago haha) but on Thursday I posted my Halloween decor video! It’s only of the living room so far, as I’m hoping to do one of our living room and hallway later on. So here are some photos I took of our Halloween living room and I’ve included a link to my YouTube video at the bottom! (´♡‿♡`)