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Cosy co*de + cafe date ♡

Hey cutie, how are you? Today we went out on a little family date to a dessert cafe and I actually managed to film a GRWM for this look!!! I can’t wait to post it on YouTube

I really wanted to wear something more hime but I was very indecisive and had a brain freeze so I went with something cosy instead. At least it was cute (I guess)

Autumn walk + retro girly co*de

Hey cutie! How are you? Today we went out on a lil’ “day trip” (I say “day trip” because we were only really out for a few hours hahaha but it felt like a long time). The weather has been loooooovely~ it really feels like Autumn!

We decided to go somewhere that wasn’t tooooo far away, esp because this was our first time! It was such a beautiful place