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The Ins and Outs of Running a Gyaru Magazine

Papillon, a magazine for Western Gyaru, has been a HUGE success. They’ve only just released their second volume but it’s crammed full with useful tutorials, inspirational outfits, not to mention really cute designs! But behind this magazine is a whole team of inspiring gyaru, and today I’m having a chat with Lea (the head of the magazine) on the ins and outs of running a gyaru magazine.

How to Deal with Online Hate When Wearing Gyaru

… Cry, a lot. Well, that’s what I used to do when I found out that I’ve been featured on Gyaru Secrets with horrible comments scrawled all over my pictures (for those that don’t know Gyaru Secrets – it was a Livejournal site where people submitted ‘secrets’ about people but it was more of a bitch fest). Thankfully that site doesn’t exist anymore but the truth is that you will still have to deal with some hate of some kind, anonymous or not, because of how different Gyaru style is compared to ‘normal’ styles. Today I’m having a chat with Kelsey (aka Nefariously Cute) on how she deals with online hate for wearing Yamanba, one of the oldest forms of Gyaru!

Top Tips from a Plus Size Gyaru!

It’s not unusual to search for clothes from Japan only to see that they are “one-size” – as in, “one size fits all”. Now we know that one size doesn’t really fit all, and that people come in all shapes and sizes which is why I wanted to have a chat with Danielle, co-leader of QueenE gyarusa, on her top tips on how to do gyaru for plus-size gals!