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The Differences Between Japanese and Gaijin Gyaru Communities

Gyaru is a street fashion that, despite originating from Japan, has grown massively over the years in the Western world. But are there differences between foreign gyaru, also known as gaijin gyaru, to Japanese gyaru? I had a chat with Shiena who is one of the OG gals, having been interested in gyaru for nearly 20 years, on her experiences between living in Japan and being amongst Japanese gyaru, to the Western gyaru community.

What is the True Meaning of Gyaru?

What exactly makes you ‘Gyaru’? Is it the clothes, the hair, the makeup… Or the attitude? This has forever been on our minds and one day I found myself chatting to (Jesus) Chris *tehe* on the true meaning of being Gyaru. The conversation blew my mind so I knew I really wanted to interview Chris as part of my ‘Interview with a Gaijin Gyaru’ series to share their insights on what it really means to be Gyaru.

Gaijin gyaru Chris from the Netherlandds wearing manba gyaru

Singing Contests in Japan + Onee Gyaru Advice

What is your biggest dream? Today I talk with the lovely gaijin gyaru Noemie from France as part of my ‘interview with a gyaru/gyaruo’ series on how she’s grown up dreaming of being a singer, which led her to travel across the globe to Japan to sing at the Nodojiman The World contest! Not only is she a songwriter but she’s also an amazing onee gyaru (a more mature gyaru style) so read on for her life as a singer and her advice on how to do onee gyaru.

Interview with gaijin gyaru Noemie by hellolizziebee

The Life of a Gaijin Gyaruo

Okay, I admit it – I will put my hands up and say that I don’t talk a lot about gyaruo on this blog, and that’s because I don’t really know much about them. I’ve only met a handful of gyaruo/gyaruo (the male equivalent of gyaru) and, sadly, we only have one in the U.K. (my gal Amber who occasionally does it from time-to-time). So I had a lil’ chat with my friend, Wes, about his life as a gyaruo! I’m going to call this as part of my “Interview with a Gyaru(o) series!” (Catchy, right?) Let’s begin…

Gaijin gyaruo Wes