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The Differences Between Japanese and Gaijin Gyaru Communities

Gyaru is a street fashion that, despite originating from Japan, has grown massively over the years in the Western world. But are there differences between foreign gyaru, also known as gaijin gyaru, to Japanese gyaru? I had a chat with Shiena who is one of the OG gals, having been interested in gyaru for nearly 20 years, on her experiences between living in Japan and being amongst Japanese gyaru, to the Western gyaru community.

What is the True Meaning of Gyaru?

What exactly makes you ‘Gyaru’? Is it the clothes, the hair, the makeup… Or the attitude? This has forever been on our minds and one day I found myself chatting to (Jesus) Chris *tehe* on the true meaning of being Gyaru. The conversation blew my mind so I knew I really wanted to interview Chris as part of my ‘Interview with a Gaijin Gyaru’ series to share their insights on what it really means to be Gyaru.

Gaijin gyaru Chris from the Netherlandds wearing manba gyaru

Blog Anniversary & Interview // 3月17日 //

My friend interviewed me yesterday about online identities and Gyaru >///< I felt so special ’cause she chose me to be her case study~ So I decided to doll up for it! At first I didn’t know what to do with my hair so I just straightened it ’cause I’m a lazy bum my hair skills aren’t great ;_; I wanted to wear my new top that I bought from the uber-amazing Monica Tang a few days ago *_*

My make~ I wanted to wear my lens in this time! :3

D.I.A top, reveal shorts, DIY belt, socks from Peacocks and shoes from

Dorothy Perkins. 


I totally didn’t realise! I knew I’ve been blogging around this time but I completely forgot about it ;_;

But yes, I’ve been on this blog for over a year now! <3

My first post was 10th March 2011 and this was my first picture:

How much I’ve changed o_O It’s so crazy… Don’t really like the sweet and casual style anymore lololol. I go for the more dramatic and dark stuff now~ And I think it suits me a lot more ^^ I feel kinda’ lazy doing light makeup OTL.

So I’d like to thank you guys for your undying support, comments, follow… Thank you so much ;_; <3 You guys mean the world to me <3 I couldn’t have made it this far without you ! <3

That’s all for now~