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Lizzie Loves: Gyaru Autumn/Winter Collections 2016!

I think that this is the first time I’ve actually been looking forward to Autumn; I guess that our summer over here was pretty bad and a mixture of super hot days and miserable, rainy days, that I’d rather have it just miserable because at least then it’s kind of predictable. Another reason could be that I’m really, really looking forward to Halloween! I’ve already began purchasing some Halloween decor to jazz my room up.

The coming of Autumn also means that shops are bringing out their Autumn/Winter collections – this already started at the end of August but I decided to wait a little bit until their full collection is out. And now the time has come and I’ve put together a few of my favourites!

Let’s start with… MA*RS!

Aah, MA*RS, you can’t seem to let go of the dramatic flair can’t you? I am so happy that they’ve kept some of their outgoing prints although it seems like the rose print is all of the rage this year. I love what they’re doing with it but I can’t help but think that it looks very similar to other brands… Nevertheless it’s still pretty. They’ve brought back some plaid as well this year and I kinda’ like it! It hasn’t really got that MA*RS vibe to it though, but it’s cute.

MA*RS, agejo, gyaru


Oh my gosh I am in love with their items! It’s weird because there’s a mixture of two styles: one their classic onee style; and the other a more casual kei that you would see right out of EGG magazine. I can’t get enough of it! Sakurina looks timeless as usual… How does she do that?!

DaTuRa, onee gyaru, ane agejo

Liz Lisa

Liz Lisa seem to have gone for a more Larme Kei look now which I am definitely not complaining about because I LOVE Larme Kei. It can still be worked into your himekaji wardrobe, though. It feels weird not seeing many florals, but I really like the plaid.

liz lisa, autumn, gyaru, himekaji

Jesus Diamante

I never thought they’d be a day where I included Jesus Diamante on this list, but lately I’ve been drooling over their posts on Twitter and just had to snoop on their new collection. I probably wouldn’t be able to wear Jesus Diamante but a gal can dream!

jesus diamante, gyaru, hime gyaru

Swankiss (not technically gyaru)

Can this brand be any cuter?! I also love the props they use for their photoshoots – everything is just so sweet that I’m getting a toothache (in a good way). I just love their lace and fluffy combinations. I’ve been seeing a lot of the top-and-cami trend lately over here, but it looks like Swankiss has moved on from that trend (because come on, Western trends are super slow! They need to catch up!)

Swankiss, larme kei, gyaru

That’s all for today! I really can’t wait to see some of these hit Western stores (although that’ll probably take 3 years or something) but in the meantime I’m going to try and find a shopping service to get these items or, as a last resort, find something similar on eBay. What do you think of the Autumn/Winter collections this year? Do you have a favourite?

Until next Sunday! ♡

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How to Start a Gyaru/Jfashion Blog

So you want to start a jfashion blog? Yay! Blogging is great for writing down your thoughts and meeting new people. But, where to start? I faced the very same question when I first found out about blogging and now I’m passing on my knowledge to help you out a little. This article will cover the most frequently asked questions and take you through the blogging process as well as providing you a list of 30 things to blog about (yes, 30).

How to start a jfashion blog by hellolizziebee

Hyper Japan Summer 2015!

hyper japan summer 2015, hyper japan fashion show, agejo gyaru
Photo credit: Hyper Japan

Last week I went to Hyper Japan at the O2 and had an amazing time. I wasn’t too sure that I would’ve been able make it so everything was really last minute, but luckily I was still able to attend the fashion show. This did mean getting up at 6am to get ready, but some things are worth sacrificing for and I was way too excited to be tired anyway.