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Kawaii Kitchen Inspiration + Shopping List! ♡


Hey cutie! How are you? Today I wanted to write a short and sweet blog post about a project I’m currently obsessed with – my kitchen! It all started with me just emptying out the cutlery drawer, then doing a massive clearout, and before you know it I’m endlessly scrolling online and basically redoing the whole place! Oops. But, in my defence, the kitchen has always been a place I wanted to work on and I feel so excited because it’s finally happening (especially now that my hubby has said I could make our kitchen kawaii AF). 

What’s really annoying though is that I’m incredibly impatient; once I have an idea in mind I have to do it STRAIGHT AWAY. Honestly. The first night after I did that massive clearout I couldn’t sleep a wink because I kept thinking about all of the stuff I wanted to do and was constantly messaging my friends lol whoops. Anyway, gosh, I’m rambling now, but here I’ll be sharing the items that I’m currently waiting to arrive and some kawaii kitchen inspiration!