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Dollar, Dollar, Bill

casual gaijin gyaru

Is it just me or has the whole clock-going-forward thing really set you in a good mood? It has for me, as it’s a reminder that spring is creeping closer. I am so happy that I no longer have to wear long boring coats and 10000000x sweaters.

I’ve been really digging statement t-shirts this spring which is really weird because I used to think that they were ever so boring and unoriginal, but this dollar t-shirt really got me into them. I’ve got about three of such t-shirts now and I keep flicking between them but today I’m wearing this dollar one with my gorgeous high-waisted shorts that only Miss Selfridge can do.

I Feel Like A Chameleon; My Gyaru Wardrobe

I’m still not sure where I’m heading style-wise, and when a friend asked which style I would like to go for I replied: I’m a bit of a chameleon when it comes to gyaru; I tend to like and wear all styles.”

And it’s true; I really do like all of the substyles of gyaru that I just can’t stick to one! It’s a bit annoying though because then I’m spending loads of money on different kind of clothes rather than saving up and buying only those that fit the substyle that I’m in. Guess I can’t really help it.

But I need to stop buying clothes! It’s crazy how much I lurk on gyaru sales to find items that I want to get my hands on even though I really shouldn’t be spending. To help myself out a little bit I went along and gathered all of the clothes that I thought were gyaru-suitable and have taken pictures to show y’all 

my gyaru wardrobe!

Although most of these are brand items, I have thrown in some non-brand stuff like clothes from New Look, Miss Selfridge etc. Unfortunately I have missed quite a lot of clothes so I think that I shall do another post!

This has kept me motivated in staying gyaru and just trudge on, even through the rough patch that I’m going through.

See ya’ next time I guess!

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P.S Thank you to all of those lovely people who filled out my poll! It’s really nice to see what you guys want to see on my blog. There’s still three days left to vote! 😀

Outfit Post: Day Out with Charli

I decided to split this into two posts as it would be too long otherwise D:

Like I said in my previous post, I went to London to meet the lovely Charli! I had an awesome time, and loads of fun <333

Here’s some close-ups of my outfit and make for that day ^^

My eye make! Please excuse the stray eyelash on cheek… Didn’t realise until now D:

I tried something new(ish) this time by doing half of the liner on my waterline, and the other just below

to maximise my eye shape. 

Blouse and vest from New Look, necklace from eBay, earrings from Primark, 

shorts from Reveal and shoes from Dorothy Perkins.

Now that I look back, this outfits leans more on the mode side than the onee… Oh wells! 😛

Guess that’s all for now! Think I might break down the posts into two like this if I’m taking loads of pictures at events and what not… >_>

My week back at home~

Just a really quick post because unlike me I didn’t take many photos of my time back at home, because a) I felt soooo tired for the whole time and b) I was lazy. Really really lazy. I just can’t be bothered to do the full gal make… D’oh. It’s mostly the hair that I cba to do because it just takes so much time and effort to style ;_;

I got a new phone which I love love love >///< But I didn’t know that I had flash on it (*facepalm*) so my photos are really blurry and shizz ;_; Even though I went to two parties I only took pictures of what I looked like for one ’cause I felt crap in the other one D:

Went more for Mode gal this time~ but really really casual form.

New Look blouse, Muse necklace, West One sweater, New Look jeans.

I’m hoping to blog more frequently and doll up as I need to get my ass in gear. I’ve just been so so lazy for the past couple of weeks… And then I found this interesting article on Universal Doll which has really inspired me. I’m gonna’ follow it and create a timetable to become more organised! It’s not necessarily going to be the same each week ’cause of work and whatnot… But I wanna do something to get back into Gal! ^^ 

I guess that’s enough of my rambling… Hope everyone has a good weekend! ^^ 

Autumn’s itching closer

I’ve been feeling really depressed and uninspired lately, and it doesn’t really help that it’s so stressful living away from home. I have to buy my own food, cut down on spending (even if I do need it) and travel goodness knows how many times, back and forth between the town that I’m staying in and the place I need to go to.

Fortunately I’m settling in well with my landlady; she’s so nice to me, and helps me out a lot and also teaches me how to do things like use the library, use the washing machine… She even walks me to town to show me the way ^^

I’ve made a couple of friends too, but I still feel kinda lonely… I need to arrange more meet ups with friends, but then that means money and it’s not like I’ve got a job or anything… Sigh. I miss everyone back home so much, especially my boyfriend <3

So yeah, this is basically going to be a really depressing blog post :/ Sorry guys ;_;

I tried dolling up today but Idk, it’s either because of my lazy mood or depressing mood that I feel as if I don’t look Gal :/ Even though I do my normal makeup it’s just… Yeah. Maybe I should just stick with doing the more dramatic eye make until my lenses arrive (which is about another month). Talking about things missing I seem to have left most of my clothes and lashes at home. Damn.
And my lower lashes don’t show up either fml. But, tbh, they were the ones that I first wore when I first bought lower lashes so I weren’t expecting anything magical with them.

Covered my lips as they’re chapped ;_;

New top/jumper from QS, shorts from Reveal, 

belt from random chinese shop, Tammy leggings, 

Brantano heels.

So I bought a new jumper from this bargain shop and it inspired me to try out Mode Gal~ I’m starting to really like it o_O So I might try out Mode more often… It’s kinda easy to do their coords too ^^

I suppose that’s all for now~