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Offbrand himekaji finds ♡

Hey cutie! How are you? ♡ I’m super tired… My cat was really sick last night which woke us up so I’m drinking lots of tea to keep me awake haha. Anyway, contrary to the weather outside, it is technically spring now so I decided to have a little nosy to see what local stores are stocking and I am pleasantly surprised to see a lot of items that could work with himekaji! So I guess that this is an offbrand himekaji finds post tehe. Here’s what I’ve found!

Offbrand Gyaru Tips + Fave Non-Gal Brands

I am a huge advocate for wearing offbrand items, especially over the past couple of years when my favourite gyaru brands like DaTuRa closed down or completely changed their look (MA*RS, I’m looking at you…). Here are some of my favourite non-gyaru brands that can totally pass as gyaru, as well as some tips and tricks I use whenever I go (online) shopping!

EGG Oct 99