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Snowy Days, Recent Co*de + A New Project?!

Hey cutie! How are you? Weekends have been pretty crazy lately (despite lockdown) as we’re still trying to work on our kitchen. We were supposed to get more stuff done to it the other weekend but then it started snowing really heavily so we weren’t able to go out to get everything we needed. But this worked out quite well as it meant I could have some fun out in the snow (and allowed me to also wear a super cute outfit tehehe).

We never really get snow like this in our part of the UK and oh my gosh, the snow was so THICK! I absolutely loved the soft crunching noise it made when we walked on the snow. Our cat, on the other hand, wasn’t too much of a fan. I wore my favourite Tralala hoodie and leg warmers!

GAL BOOM! Old School Himekaji and Fuwa Fuwa Inspirations

Hey cutie! How are you? I’m really happy to announce that I’ve finally found my gyaru boom – old school himekaji! A couple of weeks ago I was going through my wardrobe where I was suddenly hit by this huuuuge inspiration to just switch everything up and go full himekaji for Autumn/Winter. I’ve been reading Chie’s old blog posts (I’m talking very early 2010s) a lot lately and have been saving quite a lot of pictures which I want to share with you!