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One item five ways: Mickey Mouse t-shirt!

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Mickey Mouse "hello" decome

Hey cutie! How are you? I’ve been really inspired by Popteen lately especially the 2009 era (which, to be honest, I was never not inspired by) and one of the biggest trends in that era was to mix Mickey Mouse motifs into their outfits. So when I saw this Mickey Mouse t-shirt in my local Primark, I knew I had to put together a “one item five ways” post!

Mickey Mouse divider

Casual x girly

First up is this casual girly co*de which was inspired by Tsubasa Masuwaka! I had a lot of fun mixing girly elements like the floaty skirt with the casual boots.

One item five ways - mickey mouse t-shirt

One item four ways ♡ polka dot top

Hey cutie, how are you? It’s time for another ‘one item five ways’ post (well, in this case, a one item four ways). This time I wanna focus on my polka dot top which is one of my fave items! I’ve been slowly taking photos of every single piece of clothing I own to make it easier for me to figure out what I already have. This means that I’ll be doing a lot more (hopefully) ‘one item five ways’ posts as I don’t need to turn my wardrobe upside down. Lazy gyaru vibes

1. Dinner date

Let’s start nice and easy by creating an outfit that I’ve already worn! This top really makes a pair of jeans look ~fancy~, perfect for a Korean BBQ with your gals.

One item five ways ♡ white high-neck jumper

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Hey cutie! How are you? ♡ I filmed my first 1 item 5 ways video on YouTube! This time I’m featuring my white high-neck jumper which I’ve been absolutely obsessed with this winter (´,,•ω•,,)♡

It took me over a month to film because I just filmed whenever I wore an outfit that fitted into the “theme” but I think next time I might just dedicate a couple of hours to get it all done in one go (*ノ∀`*)

Okie, here are the different outfit ideas! I’ve linked my YouTube vid at the bottom ♡

Lizzie Lisa

I wore this outfit when I was going out for lunch, and it’s the perfect mixture of cute and casual! This was the first time I wore brand *brand* new items (as usually I buy secondhand) and I am in love with this skirt!

1 item 5 ways ♡ White maxi dress

Hey cutie ♡ how are you? So it’s still hot over here buuuut it’s going to rain from tomorrow onwards which really sucks because I hate rainy weather (*/▽\*) but anyway today I want to show you how I style a white maxi dress in five different ways! A white maxi dress is incredibly versatile and is also perfect for himekaji in spring/summer. Okay, let’s go!

White maxi dress outfit idea for winter

1 / 一

I’m starting off with a somewhat ~wintery~ outfit idea which feels kind of weird because I’m currently sat in front of a fan, writing this post. But yeah this is super cute!

1 item 3 ways ☆ Yellow W♡C kumatan jumper

Hey cutie ♡ 你好小可爱! How are you? I can’t believe it’s nearly 3.30pm already… I have no idea where my Saturday has gone haha (ノ°▽°) but anyway I wanted to do a styling post where I try to create different outfits with this Kumatan jumper (aka a sweater for my American friends) ! I love Kumatan so so much – he’s just so ugly that you can’t help but love him haha. These outfits might be more suitable for Autumn, but I really really felt inspired to create them because it’s still really cold over here. Okay, let’s go!

1 / 一

Inspired by Chie!!!! Honestly she’s the main reason I got this sweater. She doesn’t have the same one, but I really love her street style co*des. I wore this outfit in a previous post and I wanna wear it again soon!

Casual gyaru outfit with yellow Kumatan sweater