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Outfits from this week

Hey cutie ♡ 你好小可爱! How are you?

This week I decided to put more effort into the way I dress as I’ve been living in jogging bottoms and comfy clothes for the past year or so (blame the pandemic okay??)

In case you’re new on this blog (if so, welcome!) I wanna’ say that I have eczema around my eyes so it’s not possible for me to wear makeup, so I won’t label the following looks as gyaru, just gyaru-inspired!

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♡ 衬衫: ank rouge ♡
♡ 毛衣: can’t remember soz ♡
♡ 牛仔裤: boohoo maybe idk ♡
♡ 靴子: primark (customised) ♡
♡ 手提包: floozie by frost french ♡
♡ 首饰: aliexpress ♡

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♡ 裙子: liz lisa ♡
♡ 靴子: primark (customised) ♡
♡ 手提包: floozie by frost french ♡

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♡ 裙子: liz lisa doll ♡
♡ 夹克: topshop (I think) ♡
♡ 靴子: ebay ♡
♡ 手提包: primark ♡
♡ 首饰: blue banana ♡

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♡ 衬衫: new look ♡
♡ 牛仔裤: forever21 ♡
♡ 靴子: primark (customised) ♡
♡ 手提包: gift from Isobel ♡
♡ 首饰: aliexpress ♡

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New Chinese words!
衬衫 (chènshān) – shirt/blouse
牛仔裤 (niúzǎikù) – jeans
靴子 (xuēzi) – shoes
手提包 (shǒutí bāo) – handbag
首饰 (shǒushì) – jewellery

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Hope I can continue doing this next week so that I can stop being a potato haha ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

Speak soon ♡♡

Growin’ and Glowin’

Btw this post includes affiliate links – read my disclaimer for more info.

You know you’re a blogger during lockdown when you’re blogging about things that happened in February. Yep, these outfit photos were taken at the Grow & Glow Event – where I met my blogger pal Tanya for the very first time, and also my idol Vix Meldrew! The event was MIND-BLOWING, but in the run up to it I was super nervous. So I whacked on my favourite outfit – this super cute pastel hoodie and my trusty zebra print skirt – put on my brave face, and marched right in.

Offbrand gyaru outfit with clothes from boohoo

Clueless Inspired Outfit + Day Out in Bordeaux

As soon as I stepped out into the sunshine and onto the cobble-stone streets, surrounded by beautiful French architecture, I knew I made the right choice to wear my Clueless inspired outfit (with a gyaru twist, of course!). I’ve got to hand it to my friend Nini who actually persuaded me to wear it, and who also styled my hair in two cute little buns resting on either side of my head. I haven’t felt this cute in so long and was excited to be roaming the winding streets and tasting Bordeaux wine.

Clueless inspired outfit, Umbrella sky in Bordeaux

Get the Look: Ane Agejo at Work

The last time I did a ‘Get the Look’ post was back in 2012. Yep, 2012. That’s a really long time ago (especially in the blogger world) and I remember just how encouraging it was to be able to mimic a gyaru brand outfit with items from the UK (or, in worst case scenarios, eBay). So I was overjoyed to read that you really wanted to see something like this again on my blog and this – along with my ‘one item five ways‘ – is going to be another series that I’m bringing back. After all, my main purpose on this blog is to help fellow gaijin gyaru out in their gyaru journey!

Today we’re looking at this ane agejo outfit modelled by Tomomi, a MA*RS shop staff gal (gosh I can’t actually remember how long she’s been working there…) and she is the perfect example for Ane Agejo – for looking sexy but also classy! This outfit is ideal for those at work, so let’s dive right in.