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Thoughts about gyaru…

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So there have been discussions lately about gyaru and the community and so I wanted to quickly just write some thoughts about it…

When I discovered gyaru I immediately fell in love; I loved everything about the way they looked and I wanted to look like them.

Which is why I don’t understand it when people approach gyaru but then say how they don’t want to do the makeup or the clothes and don’t want to style their hair…

And I’m like…

What is it about gyaru that you liked, then?

Some say that they just like the lifestyle part but in my opinion there isn’t really a strong lifestyle per say. People say how they like how confident and rebellious gals are but anyone can be rebellious and confident.

And sure gyaru like taking purikura and do parapara but doing those things don’t automatically make you gal.

For example – does me liking afternoon tea automatically make me Lolita?

And when it comes to substyles (and I think I wrote about this in an old post) but jp gals don’t really care about them. I feel like substyles are something us western gals care too much about.

So there’s no need to really create new substyles… Plus there are just so many ways to wear gal anyway?

And I feel like it’s not really up to us, as westerners, to be creating those substyles.

There are certain things that make you gal and if you want to change it all… Then what part of gal did you actually like in the end?

Those are just my thoughts on the matter.

Do Substyles Help or Hinder Us?

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See the pictures below? I didn’t know it was gyaru, which sounds so incredibly silly, doesn’t it? I’ve been gyaru for nearly 10 years – how can I not know if it was gyaru or not? It all boils down to one reason: I just don’t know what substyle it fits into.

Don’t worry Instagram – I still love you

It’s crazy how much Instagram has changed our lives and you know what? I’m not even mad. Yes, I do have my bad days where I’m comparing myself to others, but it’s also had such a positive impact on my life. I’ve never connected with more people from all corners of the internet than I have done on instagram and it’s the first place I look at when searching for beautiful places to go to. So don’t worry Instagram – I still love you. Here are more reasons why I love the ‘gram! 

Casual gyaru style by Lizzie Bee

Help – I Can’t Live Without Gyaru Makeup

And in that moment I felt so alive.

I turned my face to check if my blusher was visible enough and of even vibrancy on both sides (it definitely was – I might as well have emptied the whole block of colour onto my face) and my eyes occasionally flickered up towards the beautiful lashes that framed them. Gosh, yes, it felt good. With one last slick of lipgloss my war paint was complete, and I was ready to tackle the world.

gaijin gyaru, cherry blossom, spring, gyaru makeup

Why Did Blogging Become So Serious?

It was 8pm on a Monday evening (well, yesterday, in fact), and I was trawling through my blog archives, going back to my first year of blogging in 2011. Gosh, it was embarrassing to look at; my posts were filled with emojis, with cringey language like “lawls” instead of lol, and were sometimes no longer than a paragraph. My photos were awful (as were the blog watermarks that were plastered over them) but I was excited to be on this little corner of the internet, and it was evident in my writing. With a twang I realised that I really, really missed those carefree days where I wasn’t serious about blogging. Over the years my blog posts – although mostly cheerful – have become more carefully planned and filled with relevant jargon in order to be noticed in the online world. But back then I really didn’t care about my reach or engagement.

So what happened? Why did blogging become so serious?

Why did blogging become so serious? Thought piece by hellolizziebee