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How to Wear Gyaru in Public

I love the look of it but I wish I was more confident to gyaru wear it in public…” is one of the most-used phrases I hear from people who have held back from wearing gyaru. It can be daunting because gyaru, like other Japanese fashion styles, isn’t exactly “normal”. Sure, we can get away with jeans and t-shirts but there’s something about us that sets us apart from Western fashion. Maybe it’s the over-the-top makeup, the curly hair, or the flashy nails… Whatever it is, it makes people look back and wonder “what the hell are they doing?”

I’ve had to deal with more and more ignorant people the more dramatic my style became. It allowed me to grow thicker skin and boy I’m so glad it did because I was a right nervous wreck when I first started! Even now it’s still quite nerve-wracking to be decked out in MA*RS, but my style has toned down because of my laziness so it’s not quite so bad anymore. Here are some tips I’ve learnt over the years on wearing gyaru it in public!

Tips on how to wear gyaru in public

How to Start a Gyaru/Jfashion Blog

So you want to start a jfashion blog? Yay! Blogging is great for writing down your thoughts and meeting new people. But, where to start? I faced the very same question when I first found out about blogging and now I’m passing on my knowledge to help you out a little. This article will cover the most frequently asked questions and take you through the blogging process as well as providing you a list of 30 things to blog about (yes, 30).

How to start a jfashion blog by hellolizziebee

How to Build Your Gyaru Wardrobe

Buy some clothes and wear it. Just kidding – there’s a bit more to creating the perfect gyaru wardrobe than that. Whenever someone new to the style asks me for advice on how to build up a gyaru wardrobe I always say to start working with what they already have, take inspiration from gyaru magazines like EGG where they wear “normal” clothes but use their makeup & hair to look gyaru. It’s the easiest and cheapest route route to starting gyaru. However below is a more detailed approach on how to achieve your dream gyaru wardrobe in a few simple steps:

how to build your gyaru wardrobe

Hard Truths about Gyaru

When I first found out about gyaru I thought I was entering a magical realm; everything was just so different to what I usually saw and I couldn’t wait to dive right in and become a part of this wonderful world. There were so many things that I didn’t expect further down the line: that I would finally feel like I belong and make some of the most amazing friends in the world; that my confidence would boost; and that I would stick around for more than a couple of months.

There were some things that sucked throughout my years of being gyaru (*cough* hate sites *cough*) but if you put everything together, the positives do outweigh the negatives. This blog post highlights all of the “hard truths” about gyaru from my personal experiences that I wished someone else told me when I started out.

Hard truths about Gyaru by hellolizziebee
Image source: tokyofashion

Beginner’s Guide to Gyaru!

agejo gyaru, ma*rs, gaijin gyaru

Okay so I’ve been keeping a secret from you all… Last October Heather (an awesome gal from California) was talking about this series called the “Beginner’s Guide to Gyaru” and well, it was finally live on Friday! And guess who was doing the Agejo Gyaru section? Oui, it’s yours truly! I had so much for doing this and I was really happy to be a part of this series. All of the videos are on Heather’s gyaru channel, Hime Hime Star, but here are the ones that I took part in!

Beginner Guide to Gyaru Video Series: Part 1 – Introductions!

Beginner Guide to Gyaru – Agejo Gyaru!

Makeup – Eyes

Base Makeup



Advice for Beginners & Critique 101

You should totally check out the other videos ♡ as you can see we talk about a lot of stuff! Gyaru history, the different substyles, our makeup and hair techniques, and tips for those who want to start out in gyaru!

I just want to say a great thank you to Heather who created this series; you are an amazing person, and I’m so happy that you took your time out to do this! It’s going to be so useful to people in future…. Don’t give up! ♡

Lots of love (spreading the Valentines day feel tehe) and see you next Sunday!  ♡

Lizzie Bee xx