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Gyaru On Tour! One Day in York

Hey cutie! How are you? I’m super happy because we’ve recently returned from our road trip to York and Edinburgh! We’ve been wanting to do this for months but had to cancel plans due to Covid-19… So we waited until things calmed down a little bit before we re-booked everything and we had such an amazing time! But today’s post is going to be all about how we spent one day in York (we only had one day and two nights there) and I’ll write about Edinburgh in a separate post!

Come Rain or Shine: Day Out at Warwick Castle

I am not made for rain, I thought to myself as I gazed outside at the gloomy landscape of Warwick that came rolling past my car window. We’ve had blistering heat for the past week or so, so why is it that today, of all days, that it decided to rain? Not that I was wearing the right clothes, of course; you wouldn’t have thought that I’d be trekking around Warwick Castle with my cute (and incredibly short) skirt, cream blouse and bare legs. At least I had my unicorn print umbrella with me!

Disclaimer: I was invite by Warwick Castle (via Coventry Bloggers) to go along to their summer event and write about my experience.

Rainy day at Warwick Castle