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Singing Contests in Japan + Onee Gyaru Advice

What is your biggest dream? Today I talk with the lovely gaijin gyaru Noemie from France as part of my ‘interview with a gyaru/gyaruo’ series on how she’s grown up dreaming of being a singer, which led her to travel across the globe to Japan to sing at the Nodojiman The World contest! Not only is she a songwriter but she’s also an amazing onee gyaru (a more mature gyaru style) so read on for her life as a singer and her advice on how to do onee gyaru.

Interview with gaijin gyaru Noemie by hellolizziebee

The Life of a Gaijin Gyaruo

Okay, I admit it – I will put my hands up and say that I don’t talk a lot about gyaruo on this blog, and that’s because I don’t really know much about them. I’ve only met a handful of gyaruo/gyaruo (the male equivalent of gyaru) and, sadly, we only have one in the U.K. (my gal Amber who occasionally does it from time-to-time). So I had a lil’ chat with my friend, Wes, about his life as a gyaruo! I’m going to call this as part of my “Interview with a Gyaru(o) series!” (Catchy, right?) Let’s begin…

Gaijin gyaruo Wes