Searching for the Perfect Photo

quest for the perfect photo

This was the first time that I took outfit photos outside the comfort of my home, and I learnt three very important things: one, that I was so awkward when it came to posing; two, that I get terribly nervous when taking outfit shots outdoors; and three, that white shoes will never look clean after some walking. I couldn’t help but feel that everyone was staring at me and thinking that I was being that ditsy chick just trying to get a picture in front of some cherry blossoms like a typical tourist (I was in Japan, after all) so this time I just asked my other half to take ten photos in total before settling down on the grass to enjoy the sight of cherry blossoms before I got too flustered.

The thing was these were actually pretty good.

Somehow taking less than ten photos and having a time limit actually meant that I had a good selection of photos. In my previous outfit posts I probably took around 20 – 50 and most were awful, but here I didn’t have time to mess around so I just rushed it. And hey, I actually smiled! I never do that, but wow I should really do that again.

Could this be it? Have I found the solution in my search for taking the perfect photo?

outfit details

casual gyaru outfit

gaijin gyaru, lizzie bee

top: ma*rs / belt: eBay / jeans: forever21 / trainers: new look / accessories: dreamy bows & primark

I’ve been on this quest ever since I started taking my blog more seriously and I went from taking a quick outfit in the mirror to have a mini photoshoot in my garden. I thought that by doing this I would be more accepted in the blogging community and that people would notice me more because hey, I’m taking pictures on a DLSR now and not my iPhone. But we, as bloggers – no, we as humans – shouldn’t have to feel like our outfit has to be on point or our makeup flawless to be accepted in the blogging community. Why can’t we just have fun with it?

Because that’s what blogging is to me – a bit of fun! Gosh I miss the days where I could just upload photos of goodness knows what and be okay with it. I want to bring that back again so badly. I won’t return to taking mirror photos but I’m not going to be spending hours just trying to take the perfect photo anymore. I want to spend more time being in bed or going out! As long as I’m happy with them then what more can I ask?

Does anyone else feel like this or am I just being a bumbling baboon talking crazy talk? And despite being a nervous wreck taking these photos I’d love to step out of my comfort zone a bit more and doing more outdoor photos. Anyone got any more tips for me? If you got ideas on good poses then hit me up because I really need to work on my awkwardness haha.

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P.S It feels SO GOOD to be back from my blogging break. I missed you peeps so much! But I’ve had fun in Japan and can’t wait to show you all of my pictures in future posts, so keep an eyes peeled tehe.

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