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MaskTime Sheet Mask Kit Review

(*Disclaimer: post includes gifted items from MaskTime.)

If there’s one thing you should know about me is that I have a non-existent skin care routine. I know, quelle horreur. My skin is extremely sensitive and I’ve started getting quite a few spots recently due to stress but – like the fairy godmother – a sheet mask box from Mask Time appeared at my door with a choice of 4 masks inside. I was excited at the thought of trying these out as I have never tried sheet masks before, but I was worried that it’ll give me a horrible rash or a reaction of some kind. Luckily the kit they sent out was a starter kit which is perfect for gals like me who have no skin regime. So I bit the bullet and just did it – and here’s my MaskTime sheet mask kit review!

A Lil’ Note About MaskTime + My Process…

Subscription boxes are the craze right now, and I just love the idea of it as it’s like a gift from me, to me, every month! MaskTime’s subscription boxes are priced at around £12.95 and you can choose between a Starter and Setter one – the Starters have 4 masks, whereas the Setter’s have 9! The one I received was the Glow Starter one which is perfect for me as I’ve never tried sheet masks before due to my sensitive skin.

I tried all of these sheet masks over a period of 2-ish weeks, as I wanted to leave a bit of time between each one to test if I’d have any reactions. The MaskTime sheet mask kit was gifted to me in return for a review.

Please note: I have eczema as well as skin allergies and sensitive skin.

Berrisom – Sheep Animal Sheet Mask in Vitamin C + Arbutin

This one was the first sheet mask I have ever tried, so I wasn’t too sure what to expect but I did not expect it to be quite so (and you’re going to hate me for saying this) moist. I quickly put it on and it felt so refreshing although it did start to tingle after ten minutes of wearing it. It was by far the most funny looking mask I’ve ever seen and I think I gave my hubby a heart attack when he walked into the room. It was quite tingly when I wore it which made me a bit worried, but my skin was left supple and taunt after I took it off after 20 minutes and there weren’t any red areas. I could still feel it on my face after 4 hours which is amazing!

Individual cost: £3

And Lab – My Soothing Bottle Healthy Juice Mask

I put this one on when I got back from my holiday in Bordeaux and it did exactly what it says – it felt so smooth and fresh on my skin! I found it was a lot easier to put on this time and I felt true bliss. I found it fit around my facial features a lot better and I felt refreshed afterwards. My skin didn’t feel taunt at all afterwards which I much preferred, so this is one I would definitely wear (is that the right term?) again in future. It’s perfect for my sensitive skin!

Individual cost: £3

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A’Pieu – Pore Deep Clear in Black Charcoal

I’ve heard many good things about charcoal and what it can do to your skin, so I was really excited to try this one out. The mask was a bit small for my face and I looked like a masked robber, and it made my hubby laugh, but it was soothing. It didn’t feel as soothing as the Soothing Bottle, but my skin sucked up the moisture of the mask pretty well. The area around my eyes felt slightly taunt afterwards but apart from that my skin felt pretty normal.

Individual cost: £3

Leades Insolution – Juicy Mojito Clearing Mask

I’ve never struggled so much in my life – it took three failed attempts to put this on because I was feeling overconfident and didn’t bother to read the instructions. If I had read the instructions I would’ve known that the actual mask was in between two protective sheets. What I did was: 1) put all three layers on at the same time and wondered why it wasn’t sticking to my face; 2) peeled the one of the protective layers off and put that on; 3) looked at the instructions and realised my mistake. Nevertheless I instantly felt the peppermint seep into my skin but to be honest I felt really uncomfortable after 5 minutes… You know that feeling you get when you’re dying to peel the glue off your hands? Yeah, that. I was dying to peel this off! My skin felt kind of sticky afterwards despite rubbing it into my skin like the previous masks… So I’m not too sure how I felt about this one.

Individual cost: £4.50

The Verdict…

Cost for the subscription box: £12.95, but if you buy everything individually it’ll come up to a total of £13.50 so it’s cheaper to get it in a box!

All in all I was pretty satisfied with the results, and these sheet masks were great for my sensitive skin. I didn’t get any rashes or dry skin afterwards and (for most masks) my skin was left supple. I especially loved the And Lab Soothing Bottle one so that’s one I’d definitely purchase in future. So shoutout to MaskTime for giving me this sheet mask kit to try out and review!

Thanks so much for reading my review! Do you like wearing sheet masks? Which one is your favourite?

Lizzie xx

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