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(Left to right) Me, Fii & Han! Pic by Han

“Shop ’til you drop” was a bit of an understatement for me yesterday when I met up with the two lovely bloggers Fii and Han. I’ve never done so much shopping in my life and did I feel guilty? Not one bit!  The cheapest kind of therapy is retail therapy, and I revelled in it (although I should probably stop using that excuse now…)

It was the perfect day for shopping – it was pouring it down with rain. Normally I hate the rain but there’s nothing better than staying indoors for the whole day drooling over beautiful clothes when it’s raining outside. When I last went shopping for that gal meet I was sweating all of my makeup off (not pretty) and I felt all horrible and sticky (even worse) so yep, rain was good! Luckily it didn’t ruin our outfits – I was decked in my Liz Lisa top & jeans from Kawaii Gyaru Shop*, Han in her Liz Lisa dress, and Fii in her kfashion attire.

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I’ve been on the hunt for hypoallergenic & cruelty-free makeup & hair products ever since my skin and scalp starting getting really irritated. I felt so bad because I was literally asking Fii at every single makeup stall “is this cruelty-free?” Sorry, Fii! Luckily I found some shampoo & conditioner from Superdrug’s own brand who are cruelty-free, so fingers crossed it’s okay for my hair because if so I’ll be stocking up on them. I got this NYX palette from Boots and they’re refillable so I can just stock up on the shades I need.

I was also keeping my eyes peeled for Halloween goodies, and was quite disappointed by the lack of Halloween things from Primark and I could only find a few sets of nails, so I’ll probably pop back later on this month. I spotted this super cute unicorn scarf though which instantly boosted my mood and I can’t wait for it to get a little chillier so that I could wear it!

Speaking of chilly… Shops have started releasing their Autumn/Winter collections, yay! One thing I noticed is that Western fashion is super slow; quite a lot of things such as camis & lace have been cropping up in Larme Kei for aaaaages, and only now has the Western world caught onto them. I can’t really complain though – I’m all for the cami-lace-layers, so I was searching for it everywhere until I found a set from the Miss Selfridge sale as well as a super cute blouse. It’s not as gorgeous as Swankiss, but it’ll do for now! I can’t wait to try them both with different outfits… Maybe that could be my next One Item Five Ways post?

You’ll never guess what I also spotted – FOXTAILS! Like hellooooo 2008-2009 gyaru! Leopard print was cropping up quite a lot in the shops too which delighted my gyaru heart, but I held myself back. Next time, Lizzie, next time.

So that was it of our shopping extravaganza! I have so much fun but don’t think I’ll be shopping again for a while yet (watch this space).

Until next Sunday ♡

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*Kawaii Gyaru Shop discount code: LIZBEE

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