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How to do Gyaru with Short Hair

There aren’t many images floating around of gyaru with short hair (especially in comparison to longer hair)… but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible! Below I have shared a few of my favourites that range from cute curled styles that are perfect for sweeter looks like himekaji to edgier styles that are perfect for oraora/tsuyome/etc. I’ve also included some tips on how to do gyaru with short hair and some pictures of gaijin gyaru who absolutely rock it!

Please note: I don’t own any of the below imagery – these were gathered from various sites like Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. 

Short hair gyaru inspiration

Here are some images that I’ve gathered from all corners of the internet to give you some short hair gyaru inspiration.

Gaijin gyaru inspiration

And here are some gaijin gyaru (aka Western or foreign gyaru) that really rock short hair!

Notable short-haired gyaru models

Here’s a list of models who really rock having short hair that you can take inspiration from: old generation – Kanako Iwabata, Okarie, Nana Suzuki, Kumikky; new generation, all from new egg magazine – Ayaka, Kiiripu and Hitoe.

Some tips on how to do gyaru with short hair…

Go for layers

Layers give your hair a little bit more texture and ‘oomph’, which will help a lot when it comes to styling it as it will give your hair more volume. 

Work harder on the styling

As with all hairstyles, regardless of hair length, you’ve got to style it. At the very least straighten it and then backcomb the top to give it more volume. Other things you can do is have it straight and then just curled/flicked at the ends (like Kanako Iwabata) or going with full curls. 

Hair donuts are your best friend

Hair donuts really help when you’re going for cute buns or when you want to give it more volume at the top when doing a half-up/half-down hairstyle, without the need to have extra hair!

And that’s all for now!

Do you have short hair? What kind of advice would you give to those wanting to do gyaru with short hair?

Lizzie xx

P.S. shoutout to Chris and Risa for helping me with this post – you’re a babe!

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