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Silver hime co☆de

Hey cutie, how are you? Just wanted to share some pics of my co*de and make for our dinner date at Bombay Palace! I’ve written a separate post on the food review so that it looks a bit more professional haha which I’ll post later on. They didn’t necessarily ask for a review, only an insta post, but I wanted to write a review on this blog because it was really tasty.

Anyway sorry I’m rambling here’s a pic dump.

Going back to 2011 Lizzie when I was obsessed with wearing glittery silver eyeliner haha.

The magic of wigs

I felt really happy wearing this dress I tried it on a few weeks ago and felt really low because I thought I didn’t look so good in it But now I’m a lot happier!

Okie that’s all for now! Speak soon

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