Sleepover club (´,,•w•,,)♡

Yesterday I went to my bestie Lauren’s house for a sleepover with Amy!

Adam cooked some delicious pulled pork burgers and potato wedges (*♡∀♡)

Also… I noticed I have a red patch under my eye and I don’t get it because I’ve been so careful with my allergies… But I did go to a Toby carvery the night before and I spoke to one of my friends about it and she said apparently they sometimes cook things in butter so I guess I better avoid that place from now on…

Anyway! Back to the sleepover…

And then we chilled and chatted and did tarot readings!

Gonna be cringe but these ladies are my soul mates in friend form and I love them sm (´,,•ω•,,)♡

Our snacks! We found out that jammy dodgers don’t have any milk in them which made me very happy!

Gonna get up soon and go to TkMaxx and other home stores to get some new cushions! I’ll create a home transformation post later on ♡♡

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