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Hey everyone! How are you? I hope you all had a wonderful week. It’s been getting much warmer here now (about time) and so I’m feeling really positive despite my horrible hayfever ;_;

Today I’m super happy to bring you a review from Kawaii Gyaru Shop! I’ve been eyeing up this shop a lot lately due to my recent interest in hime kaji, and they also sell My Melody which is great. I was really happy when the owner, Stephanie, contacted me about doing a sponsored review. Even though this is a sponsored review, all opinions stated are my own!

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The Items

Onto the review~ She sent me a whole bunch of items which only took 10 days to arrive which was amazing because normally they’d take a lot longer, especially for a box as big as this! My jaw dropped when I saw this waiting for me at home. She even decorated it with Hello Kitty stickers! I quickly unraveled it as I was really excited to see what was inside.

The owner is really attentive because she put in a few Hello Kitty items after seeing a previous blog post where I said that I really wanted some Hello Kitty items! She’s such a sweetheart <3

So the accessories include (in no particular order): makeup bag, false lashes (YAY!), chopsticks, eye lash case, tote bag, stickers, picnic blanket/table cloth, and over-the-knee socks! So many items! I was nearly crying with joy when I saw all of the Hello Kitty…

Some closeups~

I’m so happy to have a cute Hello Kitty eyelash case! I used to just carry the whole pack of eyelashes with me… Now I just need this cute little thing and I’m done!

 Now onto the clothes!

I feel in love with this blouse as soon as I saw it. It’s from the brand “Ingni” which Kawaii Gyaru Shop also sells at their store alongside some MA*RS items! It’s great for onee gyaru as well so I could get away with wearing it with black skinny jeans and heels for when it gets colder. I love wearing it though… However it is actually a lot thicker than it looks, as I was boiling when I wore it when it was really hot! So it might be better for late summer/autumn weather.

I found this print quite unusual for Liz Lisa as normally hime-kaji consists of really pastel colours and frills, but I really liked it! It has two layers so would be good on those cooler summer days, and I really liked the ‘hole’ as it adds interest to the shape. It’s perfect as a day dress and gives a bit of oomph to a casual outfit. It really has that summer vibe!

This is another Liz Lisa dress that I received! This is more casual than the previous one, and has only one layer in a light material so great for when it gets really, really hot. I find that creases can show up really easily though but once it’s worn it’s fine.

This is another “dress”; I say “dress” because it actually came up really short on me (only just surpassing my buttcheeks) so I’d have to wear them with shorts. It’s quite tight around the chest area so that those who are petite like me can keep it up without straps. Oui, the straps are removable! 😀

I would say that this dress is more suitable for the summer/autumn days because of it’s darker colours, but it’s made of a light material similar to the first dress so it could be worn on warmer days!

Liz Lisa Cami

This vest is made of a really soft material and feels really lovely on the skin. It’s quite plain so I would dress it up with a really elegant skirt or pretty frilly shorts, and just accessorise!


I decided to try out one of the outfits after work as it was still sunny and I really wanted to doll up! I tried out a different hairstyle this time~

Overall, I am super happy with Kawaii Gyaru Shop! Stephanie is so lovely and the shipping was fast and everything in great condition. She’s really good on communication as well and gets back to me only a few hours after I message her, which is amazing seeing as she’s on the other side of the world!

She also sells some other brands such as MA*RS, and everything is at discounted prices despite it being 100% brand new. Click on the banner below to check out her shop!

Don’t forget to enter the code LIZBEE to get a discount!


And that’s all for now lovelies! I’ll talk to you all soon <3 Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

Lizzie Bee xx 

N.B Kawaii Gyaru Shop often sells one-off items, so if you see it and you like it… Get it before it goes! ;D
Also, my disqus seems to be broken, so you might need to refresh it a couple of times! :_;

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