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petite cherry review, push-up bra, longline lace bustier

I’m doing something a little bit different today by reviewing some cute lingerie from Petite Cherry (formerly known as Kaurls Laurel). I’ve got a really soft spot for cute lingerie so when I had a loook at the site I was nearly having a heart attack by how pretty everything was! The models were drop-dead gorgeous too tehe. It was so hard to choose which pair I wanted, but in the end I chose this gorgeous pink set that I just couldn’t take my eyes off it.

I’m a bit skeptical when buying bras online because my body is really awkward so I always have to try things on first, so when I received the item I couldn’t wait to try it on. I held back, however, as I wanted to take pictures of the unboxing for you all! Please note that although this is a sponsored review, these thoughts are 100% my own!

Belle Push-Up Longline Lace Bustier Bra Set (Pink)

bra fillet

lace details

Postage & Packaging

The lingerie set took around 2 weeks to arrive which is pretty standard for overseas postage. Even though the box was slightly dented it didn’t affect the set at all. I’m actually really grateful that it was sent in a box rather than just a bag so that the set was safe and secure, so I’m giving them top marks for that! Plus I can re-use the resealable bag for anything, so yay!


Petite Cherry was always really quick to reply to my messages despite the time differences. In fact, it sometimes only took them a few hours to get back to me, and as soon as the item was sent they provided a tracking number.


The design is absolutely beautiful; I’m a sucker for all things lace but I couldn’t help look at the delicate floral patterns on the set. They had even stitched some floral patterns on the back of the bra which I haven’t seen before as designs are usually focused on the front. There is so much attention to detail!

I really like longline bras because I feel more secure in them but holy crap wow this felt like I was putting on armour. I’m not used to have thick straps but they didn’t feel any different to the straps that I usually have. The padding was a bit thick for me but luckily I can take some of it out.

The thick padding meant that there was a bit of a gap between the bra and my, erm, chest, but I think that’s pretty normal? I mean, have you seen the amount of padding in there? I look like I’m a C/D cup or something. Anyways, I had to knock off a heart for it.


After a couple of hours of wearing the bra I found that it did rub slightly beneath my arm pit which was kind of irritating… Maybe next time I will loosen it up slightly at the back as I had it on the tightest clasp.

petite cherry bra set, petite cherry review


After getting this set I am determined to buy more cute lingerie! It just felt so good to wear the whole set, and what was weird was that even though I just wore a t-shirt and jeans over it I felt really cute? Like I had this inner magical power or something.

I’m definitely going to visit Petite Cherry again – it sounds crazy but my confidence has been boosted by a ton. I never buy lingerie online, and always feel sad because of how awkward my body is, but Petite Cherry just fits me perfectly. The padding is a bit thick but oh well!

Overall I would totally recommend Petite Cherry to you all! They range from A-D so it’s probably not the place for bustier girls… But for petite girls like me it is amazing.

I hope this post was useful for you all! I really like doing reviews, and want to do more in future.

Until next Sunday~

Lizzie Bee xx

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