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Spring himekaji co*de ♡ wedding fair ♡ pub lunch ♡

Oh my gosh I was such a potato yesterday afternoon lol so I didn’t have the energy to write this post… Seriously, all I did as soon as I got home was sleep and eat dinner haha ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

But anyway! Yesterday I went to a wedding fair with my bby Lauren, Adam and Dani (´,,•ω•,,)♡

I absolutely love everything to do with weddings so I was really excited even though I’m not the one getting married ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

The weather was really confusing???? Sometimes really warm and sunny… Then other times it was pouring it down with rain???

Anyway, here are some pics ♡

I look horrible in this pic but they look really cute so it doesn’t matter ~

Spot the doggo ♡

Went for a pub lunch at the Dun Cow. Still sad that I can’t have yorkshire pudding or cauliflower cheese anymore…

Speak soon ♡♡

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