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How to Style a Denim Skirt in 6 Ways

Is that… The sun?! I’m so happy that it’s finally sunny and (slightly) warm over here, so today I wanted to show you how to style this denim skirt that I bought from boohoo in 6 different ways as I believe that it’s a staple for any spring/summer wardrobe, regardless of your gyaru style!

Disclaimer: The clothes I wear aren’t necessarily new so I have decided not to link where I have bought my clothes because they won’t exist anymore. So take these pics as more of a visual guide on how to put outfits together!

With a Cute Blouse

I’ve been wanting to mix together Liz Lisa (or something with Liz Lisa aesthetics) with denim for so long, and this was the first outfit I created for this blog post! Adding a cute blouse makes the denim skirt more elegant and girly, and I can imagine a himekaji gyaru wearing this when out for a picnic in the park. 

With Summery Patterns

Hibiscus flowers? For summer? Groundbreaking. Okay but imagine this outfit with a tan – it’ll be the ultimate summertime gyaru look! You could mix up any kind of summery pattern with denim and it’ll work a charm. I really can’t wait to wear something like this and I’m praying for a hot British summer. 

With Grunge T-Shirts

So this is something more for my rokku gals! I don’t really have an extensive rokku wardrobe but grunge t-shirts with leather and studded accessories create the ultimate rokku look. Don’t forget the chain accessories! 

With an Oversized Hoodie

Mixing together an oversized hoodie that’s tucked into a denim skirt creates a cute and comfy look, perfect for those cooler spring/summer days! This outfit is one of the cutest ones from this set (even though it’s not “typically gyaru”) and I’ve been wearing this hoodie a lot lately so I just had to include it in this post.

With Lace and Cute Accessories

This is for the gals who prefer the sweeter side to agejo, and want to wear it casually while out and about. The lace frills on the top with the low-cut neckline and the heart belt makes this outfit quite dressy compared to the other styling methods. I was actually going to wear this outfit for Gyaru Jubilee last year but it was just a little bit too cold, which means that I’m still saving this for a special occasion! 

With an Off-the-shoulder Top

Adding an off-the-shoulder top is a classier way to style a denim skirt, and the leopard print adds gyaru vibes to the outfit. You could dress it up even further with some flashy accessories! 

How would you style a denim skirt? Which outfit was your favourite?

Lizzie xx

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