Such beautiful weather! ^^~

Hey guys!

Zomg the weather is just getting more and more beautiful every day *__* It’s a shame that as soon as the weather is nice that I’m banned from going out until my theory test is over ;______;

C’était très beau pendant les jours derniers ; il y avait plein du soleil, un peu du vent… Mais chaud au même temps ^^ C’est stupide parce que je ne peux pas sortir a cause de mes examens… ;___ ;

The shoes and socks that I ordered a couple of days ago arrived yesterday, and I was so excited in getting them that I wore virtually no makeup at all 😛 Tehehehe. You see, yesterday I was having a lazy day… But today I decided to doll up for it! ^^

Les chausseurs et chaussettes que j’ai acheté sont arrivés hier, et je suis très heureuse et n’ai porte pas du maquillage 😛 Tehehe.  C’est parce que je suis paresseuse hier et je n’ai pas voulu porter du maquillage, mais aujourd’hui c’est diffèrent! ^^

Me and Katie decided that instead of using curlers all of the time we were going to try different hairstyles, and today was using a method to curl our hair but without using heat 😀 We just make some french plaits while our hair was wet and sleep on it, and then it’ll be done in the morning! ^^ (Although ’cause I fail epicly I did my hair in plaits instead lawls :P)
But… It didn’t go so well >_<” my hair looks like a cat being put into a tumble dryer or something; all fluffy and … Eurgh D: So I decided to straighten it ^^

Au lieu d’utiliser les (curlers ?) pour tous les temps moi et Katie ont décidé que nous ferrons des nouvelles techniques sans le chauffage!  Nous faisons de tresses françaises quand les cheveux sont (How do you say when the hair was wet ? >_< ) Mais je ne peux pas les faires alors je fait les tresses normale 😛

Outfit rundown:
Dress: Miss Selfridge

Socks & Shoes: New Look

And now for some camwhoring! ;D Mint told me that I should camwhore a lil’ more, and so I just went crazy tehe ^^

Hope you like ^^

Lizzie <333

Oooh also, I’ve changed the whole look of my blog! You like? ^^

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