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Let’s Eat Sukiyaki! ☆

Hey cutie! How’re you? So a few weekends ago (well, more like a month ago… Oops) my hubby and I joined Sozai Cooking School where we cooked Sukiyaki together! I cooked Katsu Curry with them last time and I had SO much fun so I was really looking forward to this. I’m glad that my hubby joined me though because there was no way that I was able to cook it all by myself. 

I’ve never heard of Sukiyaki before but it’s quite similar to Chinese hot pot (although… I’m not a huge fan of hotpot hahaha). For this we used chicken breast, Chinese leaf, carrots, firm tofu, udon noodles, vermicelli (as we didn’t have any Konjac noodles), leek, and onion! And then to create the sauce we used mirin, Kikkoman soy sauce, sugar, and water. When I first saw the list I was a little bit nervous…. But it was actually very easy to cook! We had to cook ours on the hob as we don’t have a hot pot. Maybe one day…

Although… Well, ours wasn’t really ~aesthetically pleasing~ so I’m really hoping to do it again in future so that I can make it look prettier! I’m actually tempted to get some really cut vegetable cutters so that I can make the carrots all heart shaped or something. Who knows!

So this was their Sukiyaki…

And this was ours…

Even though it doesn’t look very pretty, it was sooooo yummy! We put a little bit too much mirin in it so it was a bit too sweet but I would love to eat it again. Plus, I actually really liked the tofu! Gosh thinking about it is making me drool haha.

Anyway, me and my hubby had so much fun! Thank you so much Sozai Cooking School and Hyper Japan for hosting this I can’t wait for next time!

That’s all for today, until next time!

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