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Sundose Supplements: A Daily Dose of Energy

Disclaimer: This Sundose box was given to me in return for an honest review. Read more about it here.

Y’all know me; one minute I’m super hyper and excited but next I’m in a massive slump and just want to fall asleep for the rest of the day (*cough* like at gyaru meets *cough*). So I was really excited to receive a Sundose box – a bespoke box of supplements – to help boost my low energy levels. After a few medical questions (like how often I exercise and whether or not I’ve had any blood tests recently), they reached out to me via email to see what flavour supplement I’d like. I opted for the Vitamin C/Orange flavour. The box arrived on my doorstep a week later!

But what exactly is Sundose?

Sundose create tailor-made supplements especially for you that you should take daily to feel the full effect. Each packet contains one side that is a powder to mix into water, and the other side has a few tablets (one of which, I think, is Cod Liver Oil or a vegan alternative to Cod Liver Oil). They began operating their specialist dietary clinic back in 2018 and their goal is to “improve the health and well-being of our clients, thanks to a simple solution based 100% on scientific research.” They do vegan-friendly options as well which was the option that I went for. 

My experience/review

So I want to be completely honest; I gave up taking Sundose for a few days after about 10 days because I didn’t see any effects other than the fact I was no longer dozing off on a Sunday afternoon. I did email Sundose about my concerns and apparently that’s just the way with supplements – sometimes they can take up to two weeks to work, other times they take over a month. So I gave them another go and it wasn’t until a week after that that I started to feel the effects. I was a bit more energetic, and could stay awake for a little longer. On one of the days I drank it before I went to bed – thinking that it wasn’t going to work – and ended up struggling to go to sleep. 

So are the supplements worth investing in?

This is where I get a little bit stuck. On the one hand, I felt a little bit more awake than I usually do, but on the other the box is £69 (which, for me, is a little bit out of my price range) because of how bespoke it is. I also feel like you can’t entirely rely on supplements because other lifestyle factors such as eating well and going to bed at a reasonable time helps contribute to higher energy levels. 

Albeit that these supplements were not necessarily for me, they may have a positive effect on other people! 

If you were thinking of buying it…

Sundose has kindly given me a discount code that you can use “lizziebee” to save £20 off your first order. 

Do you take daily supplements? What do you take?

Lizzie xx

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