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Teeny Tiny Trip to London

It was a lovely afternoon; I had just taken some photos for my beauty review (which you can see in my previous post) and was about to take off my makeup and hibernate in bed when I got a text Chewiee asking if I could meet up with her in London. My friend Amber was free and wanted to see me! She had been in England for about a week now but unfortunately I wasn’t able to meet her because of work… So I was really happy that I had the chance to meet her before she flew back home! I quickly caught the next train to London and before I knew it I was sipping bubble tea and waiting for them all to arrive.

What I wore: Onepiece: MA*RS / Tights: Dorothy Perkins / Shoes: Dorothy Perkins / Accessories: Claire’s Accessories & Gorgeous Barbie


I was only able to spend a couple of hours in London but managed to take some purikura with Amber and have a general catch up with Chewiee, Marie & Kei. I really wanted to stay for longer… hopefully I can see everyone soon! It was such a spontaneous trip so I don’t really have much to write about it, but I was so glad I could finally meet Amber. She’s so lovely to talk to!

In other news, I have been thinking about my style… I realised that because of work I haven’t been able to do gyaru as much, so I’m more determined to do dramatic makeup and hair! I only get a break once a week, so I’m going to go back to the very beginning and experiment with different styles. Who says that experimentation is only for newbies? Everyone should do it once in a while.

Have any of you had this style-problem? Please tell me that I’m not the only one!

Hope you all have a lovely rest of the weekend and week, and I’ll speak to you next Sunday!

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