The Art of Letting Go

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Letting go is hard, especially when it comes to the things you love. I still keep all of my old toys from when I was younger because I can’t bear to shove them up into the attic or sell them to another person. I tell myself that my favourite ice-cream flavour is still mint and chocolate chip but in reality I do love a good old vanilla ice-cream.

Some things are harder to let go of that old toys, and what makes it worse is the belief that all things are everlasting. When you feel something changing you do the stupid thing of trying to fix things when they can’t really be fixed and even if you are able to keep that friend/hobby/favourite ice-cream flavour, it’s just not the same anymore.

Just let go. Why are you beating yourself up as you desperately try to cling onto the things you love? It’s like that super cheesy saying “if you love something, set it free” but it’s so true. I used to get extremely upset when I went through a style change or when I realised that I was in fact, becoming boring, but now I’m happy with the way things are.

I just go with the flow and let go of the things that used to shape me so that time will show me my true self.

So does that mean that I’m not really serious about the things I love and the relationships I have? Hell. No. I love my friends, my family, my blog, my work and my life, but I am not going to let it get into a chaotic mess just because someone or something has changed. Just because something has ended or fizzled out doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person, it’s just a way of life. Things change and people change, and you’ll find that your perception of it changes too.

I think the older you get, the easier it becomes to be able to let things go… Or maybe it’s because we are tired and no longer give a sh*t.

What’s important is that you give it your all and throw yourself into your passions, and when you feel that it’s not the same anymore just stop. Put your focus instead on the things that make you happy. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t fight for the things you love – but if you’ve done and fought your way through it and it’s still not changing, then you should probably stop. Life is short and things aren’t everlasting, so just make the most of it and move on when you need to.

Practice the art of letting go.

Have you let go of something before? How did you feel about it? I’d love to hear your comments below!

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