The Fear of Becoming Boring

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When I first started agejo I didn’t think I’d love it. Sure, it looked cool and sexy, but was it really the style for me? I was in that stage where I wanted to try out as many substyles of gyaru as possible, but sure enough I fell head over heels in love with agejo.

Many years down the line I still love wearing it, but I’ve now grown into the style as an ane agejo (which is basically the more mature version of it). While I was on the fashion show at Hyper Japan, though, I couldn’t help but feel incredibly boring. In previous years I would’ve gone over-the-top and have massive hair with so many accessories, but now? I’m not too sure…

This had been on my mind quite a lot recently as I noticed that my engagement with others in the community were dwindling. I know that numbers aren’t everything, but I was getting a lot less likes and views and I’m worried that even my blog was suffering. What was wrong with me? I got so upset that I just stopped posting on social media for a while apart from on Twitter, because I just didn’t want to face the fact that I was getting boring.

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But you are only as boring as you feel, and the only way to get over my fear is to keep on doing it. To keep on dressing the way I do and force my brain to think, “Okay, I’m happy with doing this, so it can’t be so bad, right?” Statistics still get to me (I’m forever checking my instagram stats) but I’m trying my best to not take it so personally. My style has changed, therefore the people that follow me change, too.

So I am forever grateful for the people that have stuck by me despite my chameleon ways. Those are the people that I want to focus more on because they like me for who I am and not just the clothes I wear. I wish I could thank everyone enough who have been reading this blog since goodness knows when because I know that I have changed as a person as well as a blogger. So thank you!

Got any tips for the struggling fashion blogger? How do you feel comfortable with your style?

I’d love to see your tips below! (Especially as they’ll help me out when I’m feeling down tehe).

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P.S The reason why there are no full outfit shots is because I was wearing slippers, oops. Photos taken by Josh Bartolo.

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